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3 Dress Shirt and Shorts Combinations Great for Summer Vibes


Let’s start with an easy concept: dress shirts with dress shorts. These two garments are easy to pair and can facilitate a great alternative motif that can be worn as far up the “is this appropriate?” ladder as summertime work function attire. But just because you’re going for a less formal feel with shorts doesn’t mean you can half-assess it. Clean lines and a good fit will work wonders to sell the look. Dress up the ensemble with a lightweight summer blazer and go sockless on the shoes (boaters or loafers for work events) and you’re off to a great start.

For more leisure activities try opting for solid colored, lightweight, dress shirts with patterned boardshorts and flip flops (or vice versa). What we love about this look is that it comes off as very well put together for something as simple as a day at the beach, and it does so without trying too hard. There is a good chance you have all the necessary pieces to put this recommendation to use already. Linen shorts also work well for this style. If you’re unsure how to wear this look then start small. Wear a white dress shirt with your favorite pair of boardshorts. Add a sturdy pair of flip fops. Accessorize to taste and that’s it. You’re ready for some pool/lake/beachside lounging.

If all else fails to spark your fashion interest, then try jean shorts, or Jorts, for short. Jorts can do it all. They make it easier to pair more rugged button-down shirts like denim or cargo variants. They can also be given an urban slant when worn open with graphic tees and sneakers. Jean shorts are as versatile as their long pant counterparts, but what they lack in coverage, they more than make up for with heat beating summertime style.


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