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3 Easy to Mix and Match Summer Wedding Suits


It’s summer wedding season! You know what that means: stifling suits and sweat soaked suffering. But what if we told you that dressing up in the heat of summer doesn’t have to be a chore? In fact, we’ve picked our 3 favorite summer wedding suit fabrics that are perfect for mixing and matching. Customize each piece to fit your personal tastes and you’ll be (comfortably) walking on the sun no matter how bad these heat waves get. 

Mock Rock Grey

This Mock Rock-Grey suit fabric is made using patented Cool Max material that wicks away moisture for quick drying comfort. The result is a high-gauge, clean-surfaced, jersey material that is characterized by moderate elasticity and firm texture. Suffering through the high heat of summer weddings is a thing of the past with a Mock Rock Grey piece in your arsenal. Customize your suit jacket, pants, or both to keep cool and feeling fresh all summer long.

Mori Tone Blue

Mori Tone Blue is high-class style in an easy-going garment. It is constructed using a new type of synthetic polyester material that looks like wool but behaves like polyester. It is incredibly lightweight and moderately water repellant, making the Mori Tone Blue suit jacket a great summer wedding staple for attendees who want to make a fashion statement. Pants made from this fabric are less likely to wrinkle after sitting, making it easier to maintain a clean silhouette.

Beige Linen

Welcome warm weather weddings without worrying about sweat in this Beige Linen fabric. It’s an ultra-lightweight, breeze breathing, durable cloth with good stretch for maximum movement. Be as active as the big day demands despite how polished you look. Beige Linen caters to comfort, style, and bright, airy vibes perfect for a day at the office or a night on the town. Mix and match the Beige Linen suit jacket or pants with Mori Tone Blue or Mock Rock Grey fabrics for refreshing summer style that know how to appreciate the season. 

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