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3 winter colors to stand out this season


Don’t let the winter blues affect your wardrobe. Many of us fall into routines when it comes to dressing for the seasons. We do earth tones in the fall and pastels in the spring. Break out of the rut and try something new this time around. Here are 3 winter colors you can use to shake up your outfits during the grey of winter.


Cream as a winter color may seem counter-intuitive, but trust us it works. It can be an outer shirt - like this Cotton Stretch Cream Corduroy or this Sandy Suede shirt. It can be a slew of accessories like gloves, beanies, hats or scarves. The key is how you pair it. Monotone cream ensembles will pop off of wintry white backgrounds. Or you can warm things up with earthy browns in the mix to create a soft pairing that borrows from Caribbean style.



Purple as an accent is a great way to liven up drab winter colors. Dress shirts like this Quick Dry Purple Stripe pattern are fantastic options under sports coats and blazers. Pair it with cool, sterile, greys for a contrast that pops both in and outdoors. When it comes to leisure styles, it’s hard to beat purple track suits and white sneakers.


Bold Patterns and Designs

Don’t be afraid to get festive with your style during the winter. Some people favor solid colors, but going a little more eclectic can be a good thing. Pieces like this Big Green Retro Stripe pattern do well to draw the eye. Break conventional fashion rules and experiment if you’re going this route. Mix plaids and stripes. Pair clashing colors. Push layering to the limit. Tis’ the season, after all.


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