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4 Fall Colors to Shake Up Your Wardrobe


Fall is fast approaching, and with it comes the onslaught of earth tones like brown, tan, maroon, green, and mustard. These are tried and true options that fit the season like a glove, but for anyone looking to deviate from fall color fashion trends we’ve got your back. Here are 4 fall colors to shake up your wardrobe.


Grey is typically considered a winter color, but it can do wonders as an accent for fall ensembles with a professional slant. Blazers and sports coats were made for this task. The key to remember is stay away from sheen in the fall. A grey blazer or sports coat that has accents of brown are fantastic all-around options that pair well with traditional autumnal settings.

Olive Green

Olive green works well as pullover sweaters to give a color boost to dark colored jeans. Olive is an earth tone that warms up cool blues, greys, and blacks. Put it to use as a way to update your fall style without needing to change too much about your year-round closet staples.


Top coats and overcoats benefit greatly from charcoal as a color. It gives them a cool winter vibe that is easy to coordinate while simultaneously offering an off black option that’ll transition well into winter months.


Navy is a rich, deep, color traditionally associated with summer (dark denims), so if you’re looking to keep those vibes alive then try incorporating it into fall styles. Navy cardigans are a great place to start. They allow layered looks and go really well with earth tones like tan and maroon.

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