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3 Valentine Inspired Shirts That Spread The Love


Whether you’re spending February 14th with a significant other, a group of friends, or catching up with the person in the mirror, these Valentine inspired dress shirts have got you covered.

 Etched in Pink Linen

The Etched in Pink Linen fabric is what happens when comfort meets shirt appeal. It’s constructed using lightweight pink and white threads woven together in such a way that results in a vibrantly smoky etching effect. Etched in Pink Linen is easy to wear, ultra-breathable, and perfect for warm weather activities. Put it to use in your wardrobe, we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Quick Dry Purple Stripe

Quick Dry Purple Stripe is beauty and brawn sewn into one great cloth. It combines the durable nature of a smooth-laid oxford weave with the eye-catching appeal of a fetching purple stripe pattern. Add the quick-drying functionality into the mix and what you’re left with is an all-around dress shirt that can easily handle whatever situation – casual or formal – you put it in. Make your Quick Dry Purple Stripe a staple in your closet. 

 Shiny Celebi

Celebrate Valentines Day with this Shiny Celebi dress shirt. It’s soft pink and purple motif is perfect for any adventurer planning to spend the day hunting for rares. Celebi travels wherever it wants, whenever it wants. So reconnect with your childhood in a fit of nostalgic glory and experience a little time travel yourself.

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