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5 Accessories Essential For Traveling To Cold Climates This Winter


Whether you’re moving to a new area or just visiting for a change of winter scenery and snowy outdoor activities, here are 5 essentials every cold weather visitor should have with them.

Socks For The Season

If you’re not from a cold area you’re probably not really thinking about socks as you pack. Sure, you need them, so a couple of ankle socks, maybe a dress sock or two, and you’re done, right? Wrong. One of the worst feelings when visiting the cold outdoors is the loss of feeling in your toes. A good pair of moisture wicking wool socks will be worth their weight in gold when that time arrives. So, do yourself a favor and plan ahead.

A Good Moisturizing Lotion

This is just a good rule in general, but even more pertinent if you’ll literally be chilling out this winter. Nothing dries out the skin better than cold air. Ever try to go about your day with dry, cracked skin? It’s not pleasant. If you get itchy every winter, try applying lotion after your shower.

Touchscreen Friendly Gloves

When traveling to any cold climate gloves are a good idea. But if you’re grabbing some anyway, may as well get a pair that’d touchscreen friendly. There is something extremely unsettling about having cold hands, and let’s be real, you’re probably planning to take tons of pictures, Tik Toks, and video. Make sure your mitts are warm and toasty the whole time with touchscreen friendly gloves. You can thank us later.

Ear Warmer Headband

Beanies are great, but they can be torture on styled hair. To get around this pick up an ear warming headband. It keeps your ears out of jack frost’s nipping zone while maintaining your fancy follicles. Plus they’re great for outdoor activities that require long bouts in the elements.  

Long Johns/Thermal Underwear

Long johns are great because they can go under pretty much anything. Whether you’re trip calls for slacks, sweats, jeans, or dress pants, a good pair of long johns will keep your lines clean and your temperature nice and toasty. Bonus for moisture wicking long johns if you’re planning to be active.

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