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5 fresh ways to style your favorite cardigans
  1. With a Sports Coat

Dressing up a cardigan is easy. Simply pair it with a sports coat. This style is inspired by traditional 3-piece suits, except here, you’ll want to replace the standard vest with a light cardigan. Cardigans and sports coats work well together as business casual attire that’s underutilized in many offices. Put it to the test. Start simple with a powder blue dress shirt, navy cardigan, blue slacks, and your favorite sports coat.

  1. With a puffer vest (over a dress shirt and tie)

Cardigans and layering – name a better duo. Cold weather unlocks fresh pairing options for cardigans that are both functional and fashionable. Start with a solid-colored dress shirt like this Subtle White Broadcloth. Add your favorite mid-weight cardigan – merino wool is perfect for this task – and top the look off with a puffer vest. 

  1. With a roll-neck sweater

Date night got you stumped for outfit ideas? Not to worry. Put that favorite cardigan to work with a roll-neck/turtle neck sweater. Toss on a pair of casual jeans and you’re done. Feel free to accessorize as needed. Beanies, gloves, and scarves are fantastic options to kick this style into high gear.

  1. As a substitute for a suit jacket

Using a shawl cardigan as a substitute for a suit jacket is another way to draw inspiration from traditional 3-piece suits. To complete this look all you need to do is pair your favorite shawl style cardigan with matching suit slacks and vest. A chunky cardigan will add a nice layer of visual and literal warmth.

  1. With a button-up and bow-tie

Smarten up any cardigan with one simple trick: add a bow-tie! A well fitted dress shirt, cardigan, and bow-tie can be paired with slacks for a business casual vibe. Swap the slacks for chinos and you’re ready for weekend wanderings around town. There really is no wrong way to bow-tie up a cardigan. Give it a shot, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well it works.

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