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5 Original Stitch Outfits Perfect for Easter


Muted Lavender - Subtlety can be stylish.

No wardrobe that invokes the spirit of Muted Lavender will suffer from a lack of style. This fabric is all about the little details. It is woven using a subtle mixture of orange-brown and purple threads. Upon closer inspection, you’d see these individual colors burst to life. Not only is Muted Lavender appealing, but it is also beautifully constructed, boasting a lightweight weave that’s just the right thickness to allow for easy airflow. Muted Lavender is the perfect middle-of-the-road Easter piece. It does well in Spring sunshine but is also thick enough to layer upon in areas that hang on to the cold a little longer than most.


*This Muted Lavendar fabric has been fashioned into a short sleeve rendition with a stand collar. Note the solid appearance from afar and the detailed pattern that only exposes itself upon closer inspection.


Black and Blue Cordura Stretch Check - Easily add visual texture to any ensemble.

Folks who fancy fashion with a flair for the flamboyant will love this Black and Blue Cordura Stretch Check fabric. Its ultra-lightweight, blended wool and nylon construction not only enhances abrasion and snag resistance but also staves off wrinkles like nobody’s business. That means you get a clean silhouette no matter how active the day gets. Use Black and Blue Cordura Stretch to design the perfect Easter suit jacket, pants, or both.

*The Cordura Stretch Check pant is a funky, fashionable, and fun way to add visual texture.


Salmon Pink Mesh - Fishing for compliments has never been easier.

Breathe easy in warm weather with a shirt that does the same. This Salmon Pink Mesh fabric can help. Pink is easily one of the more traditional Easter colors around, so adding the benefit of a breathable construction makes Salmon Pink Mesh the ideal way to wear it in climates that bring a bit more sunshine to the Springtime holiday. Incorporating your measurements into Salmon Pink Mesh’s design also allows you to reduce unsightly bunching and uncomfortable pooling fabric at the waist.

*Salmon Pink Mesh can be paired easily. Black works well but so does blue, grey, tan, and even olive. Give it a try with your preferred color palette.


Springtime Black - Black is back and more breathable than ever.

This Springtime Black fabric is the perfect cloth to welcome incoming sunshine. It’s soft to the touch, lightweight on the body, and offers good natural stretch for ultimate comfort and mobility. Discover the benefit of having a breathable pair of slacks as the weather begins to warm up. This Springtime Black pant complements a variety of shirt styles, jacket options, and shoe combinations.

*The Springtime Black fabric makes wearing the heat attracting color a breeze.


White Multicolor Stripe - Colors that pop.

Make sure your wardrobe can keep up when the weather warms with this White Multicolor Stripe fabric. Use it to design the perfect lightweight, Easter ready, dress shirt. Alternating bands of navy, brown, grey, purple, and green provide a menagerie of color to match the season’s bloom. Dress it up under a light suit for formal outdoor activities or customize White Multicolor Stripe with short sleeves and use it to traverse trendy cityscapes in style. You can’t go wrong wither way.

*White Multicolor Stripe provides myriad pairing options. Go with a long-sleeved design for cooler climates.


Beige Linen - Simple. Safe. Stylish.

Welcome warm weather without worrying about sweat in this Beige Linen suit jacket and pant fabric. It’s an ultra-lightweight, breeze breathing, durable cloth with good stretch for maximum movement. Be as active as the day demands despite how polished you look. Beige Linen caters to comfort, style, and bright, airy vibes perfect for an Easter celebration with family or a night out on the town with friends.

*The Beige Linen pant is lightweight and naturally breathable with plenty of stretch.


Easy Care Random Sax Stripe - For when you’re feeling blue.

The Easy Care Sax Random Stripe fabric is comfort made for warm weather. It combines style and versatility into one easy to wear cloth. Easy Care Sax Random Stripe makes use of special technology which helps keep this cloth virtually wrinkle-free even after laundering. Easter events that take place in warm weather have met their match, and its name is Easy Care Sax Random Stripe.

*Resist wrinkles, bunching, and pooling around the waist. Easy Care Random Sax Stripe truly is the every day wearer that works hard so you don’t have to.


Mori-Tone Blue -  Dress pants that can do it all.

The Mori-Tone Blue Casual Suit Fabric is high-class style in an easy-going garment. It is constructed using a new type of synthetic polyester material that looks like wool but behaves like polyester. It is incredibly lightweight and moderately water repellant, making Mori-Tone Blue a great piece for the active adventurer who wants to make a fashion statement this Easter. Pants made from this fabric are less likely to wrinkle after sitting, making it easier to maintain a clean silhouette.

*Mori-Tone Blue is a versatile option that can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion.


Quick Dry Purple Stripe -  Easter purple with year-round utility.

Quick Dry Purple Stripe is beauty and brawn sewn into one great cloth. It combines the durable nature of a smooth-laid oxford weave with the eye-catching appeal of a fetching purple stripe pattern. Add the quick-drying functionality into the mix and what you’re left with is an all-around dress shirt that can easily handle whatever situation – casual or formal – you put it in. Make Quick Dry Purple Stripe an Easter staple in your wardrobe.

*Quick Dry Purple Stripe beats the heat and wicks away moisture to keep you feeling cool and fresh all day long.


Cool Dots Heather Grey - A weathered look that’s warm weather ready.

Add a little edge to your wardrobe’s appeal with this Cool Dots Heather Grey fabric. It’s an ultra-lightweight cloth that complements many pairings with a laidback, gravel-like visual texture. Warm weather Easter get-togethers don’t stand a chance against its micro-dot weave. Cool Dots promotes maximum airflow and anti-snag construction, so not only is it both fashionable and functional, but it’s durable too. Put it to the test and integrate it alongside your favorite shirt styles, pant rotation, and shoe combinations.

*Cool Dots Heather Grey adds functionality to any fashion choice.

At Original Stitch we offer a fully customizable collection of premium quality dress shirt, suit blazer, and pant fabrics. Use them to create a wardrobe that is completely unique to YOU. Our high-quality yarns are hand-selected from – and tailored in – Japan to be extra resistant to wear and tear while maintaining a softer feel than their off-the-rack counterparts.