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5 Perfect Plaids for Thanksgiving


Dressing up for Thanksgiving is a big part of what makes the holiday so special. We get to show off our knowledge of fall colors, enjoy brisk afternoons, and admire the changing leaves. Not to mention cornucopia of pumpkin spice, pumpkin pie, pumpkin patches – you get the gist. If you’re as excited for the season as we are, then these 5 perfect plaids for Thanksgiving will rev your autumn loving engines.

1. Red and Navy Festive Flannel

This Red and Navy Festive Flannel is what an outdoorsman would wear if he had access to an online tailor cough cough. It's soft, durable, and made to keep you warm against wild winter weather. Doesn’t hurt that the red, white, and navy pattern give off a Paul “the lumberjack” Bunyon vibe. Put this shirt to the test. You'll immediately feel like cutting down your own Christmas tree this year.

2. Big Beige Check

Big Beige Check is a supple broadcloth that allows easy breathability for folks whose thermostats don’t fall with the season. It pairs well with casual situations and looks darn crisp sitting atop clean, white, sneakers. Plus, it’s 100% cotton, so you know it’s built to last. Gift yourself a future proof shirt this year. You’ve been good. You deserve it.

3. Easy Care Pumpkin Plaid

If you really want to do Thanksgiving a little differently this year then, feast your eyes on this Easy Care Pumpkin Plaid shirt. The contrast of navy and orange work surprisingly well to put a little pep in any wardrobe’s autumnal step. Flex your holiday mood. Easy Care Pumpkin Plaid for the win.

4. Navy and White Flannel

The wool and cotton blended yarn of this Navy and White Flannel keeps you warm on the chilliest nights. It's 100% a roasting marshmallow over a roaring fire type of vibe. Cuddle up to comfort this holiday season. This thick, soft, Navy and White Flannel can help.

5. Red Buffalo Check

Red Buffalo Check is the casual outdoorsman's ideal attire. It breathes well in warm weather but can handle the crisp cool nature of an early morning hike. Take it for a spin and see for yourself. Tis' the season for deep reds and solid blacks.

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