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5 Reasons Custom Made Dress Shirts Are the Perfect Valentine’s Gift


What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? It’s been a long, weird, year of ups and downs, so to kick back and unwind in a celebration of love is important. What better time to inspire hope, face down a new year together, even hazard a return to normalcy than on Valentine’s Day? The world we’re used to feels like it’s just around the corner, waiting to be rediscovered. Make sure your significant other is dressed to greet it. Here are a few reasons why a custom made dress shirt is the perfect gift to do just that.

  • No More Gaps Between Buttons: One of the most common complaints about wearing a blouse is the sheer conformity of it. They’re always off, somehow, but the biggest culprit ruining the appeal of a wardrobe is the gaps between buttons. There needs to be some breathing room. A little wiggle room, even. A custom-made dress shirt would eliminate unsightly gaps between buttons, allowing for a more comfortable, confident, experience.
  • The Right/Width Length: Here’s something we probably don’t think much about – the length of our dress shirts. We buy one, tuck them in, and voila: done. What happens if the shirt we chose was too long? A little bunching around the waist after half a day of rigorous movement? Now imagine that same bunching occurred around your chest every time you raised your arms. That’s a little more cause for concern, wouldn’t it? So the right length and width matters. Tailored garments take care of that.

  • It Supports Sustainable Fashion: Custom-made clothes are easier on the environment. Made to order clothing is, well, made to order, so nothing happens unless you ask for it to happen. Giant, air polluting, factories and warehouses full of last season’s styles waiting to be set ablaze are severely reduced. Sustainability is the name of the game.

  • Highlight Personal Style: Everyone on the planet has some modicum of personal style. Gifting a made-to-measure blouse allows you to tap into that and show just how much attention to detail you put into it.

  • Prove That You, Too, Are The Perfect Fit: The effort it takes to go online and order any old thing vs. the dedication it takes to get your partner’s measurements precise, apply their favorite color, make sure the style and cut are up to standards is much more apparent. This isn’t just any old gift for just any old someone, this is special made with care to show that you do too.

At Original Stitch, we offer a fully customizable collection (yes, even the collar type!) of premium quality shirts. Customers can create a shirt completely unique to them. Our high-quality yarns are hand-selected from and tailored in Japan to be extra resistant to wear and tear while maintaining a softer feel than regular button-up shirts.