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5 Style Rules Broken By Experts


OLD RULE #1: NEVER Wear a Suit Without Socks.

This may have been the norm when your dad was learning the ins and outs of acceptable fashion, but those days are long gone. What’s acceptable now is individuality. Originality. Adapting to the climate – both literal and metaphorical. So yes, while it is advisable to wear socks when dressing for cooler weather, there is no such reason to do so when Spring has sprung, and things start to heat up.

Pro tip: Gold Bond powder will do wonders to eradicate moisture and keep your feet looking and feeling fresh all day long.

Credit: @carlos_domord & @magic_fox


OLD RULE #2: Neckwear Should be Subtle.

Let’s be honest, that wording is vague at best. But we get the general idea, right? Wrong. Who’s to say what’s subtle? Or what’s too flashy? Some might not like vibrant colors, while others decree the bolo is for casual affairs only. Look, all we’re saying is that a necktie may be more socially acceptable than say, an ascot at the office.

Credit: @PriyankaChopra & @bycarlosroberto


OLD RULE #3: Blazer or Shorts. Never Both.

Fine. Maybe not at the office, but this is a classic case of “never say never." Give casual the business with your own rendition of a blazer and shorts combination. It’s the perfect look for a nautical themed outing whether you’re brunching on a pier or sailing off to a beach soiree. Heck, given the right accoutrements, blazers and shorts could even work for a summer wedding.


OLD RULE #4: Boots are Casual Wear, Not Formal Wear.

This theory has been debunked. Boots are showing up in many formal wear settings. On occasion, they can even be a conversation starter. At the end of the day, wear whatever is most comfortable and permits you to enter the venue feeling confident.

Credit: @articlesofstyle


OLD RULE #5: Suits Should NEVER be Casual.

Of course, there are few who tailor suits as casual wear, but with the right attitude and a penchant for chill, even a suit can be dressed down a few levels.

Credit: @justusf_hansen

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