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5 Unique Collar Styles (With Pics)


Not many of us consider collar styles when picking out a dress shirt. Probably because most department stores do nothing to educate us on the finer points, no pun intended, of collar options. What you see – all neatly packaged in cellophane, homogeneously piled on a wooden table – is what you get. Well, we’re here to change all that and drop some knowledge on a few of our favorite alternate collar styles. That isn’t to say that we’re not fans of the standard collar, but what’s life without a little variety? Here are our 5 favorite unique collar styles handpicked from our growing selection. 

The Club Collar

The club collar, aptly nicknamed the “Peter Pan” collar, is the epitome of 19th century sartorial style. It comes to us by way of England’s Eton College. The story goes that Eton was – and still is – renowned for their elegantly dressed students. As other colleges caught on to the trend of putting one’s best fashion forward foot… forward, Eton alum sought ways to stand apart. So, they rounded the edges and shortened the width on their collars. Thus, the club collar was born to go from unbuttoned and tieless to bow-tie and suit with ease. Sharp chins look especially good in them, too. 


The Button-Down Collar

The button-down collar is a standard collar with one caveat – buttons near the point to fasten down the collar’s cape. Button-down collars are about as versatile a collar as one can get on a dress shirt. They do well on short sleeve, casual shirts, making them a fan favorite for those who prefer to dress down. But button-downs can dress up, too. Try one under a sports coat and give casual Friday a much-needed face lift.



The Pinhole Collar

The pinhole collar – not to be confused with the tabbed collar – is a fashionable relic that has had a rollercoaster existence in the fashion world. But every time it seems like the pinhole is on the way out, it comes roaring back. Probably because it’s so damn appealing. Pinhole collars are meant to be worn with a tie bar and tie, but that too has changed over time. Nowadays, men are opting for the minimalist look of just the tie bar with elegant results.



The Stand Collar

The stand collar is oftentimes referred to as the Mandarin collar. It is a free-standing collar that encircles the neck without the use of points. Because the band collar doesn’t turn down, it is mostly used for casual events, but more and more men are putting them to use in formal situations. Give the look a try and see how the stand collar best fits into your style.



The Cutaway Collar

The cutaway collar – sometimes called the spread or Windsor collar – is known for its much wider points that angle outward instead of down. Anyone with an adventurous taste in clothing should be on the look out for one, but those with slim, long faces tend to look best in this particular style. Because the distance from point to point is greater than average, wearing a tie with the cutaway is apropos. The full or half Windsor knot are easy to learn and do well to create an interesting focal point that draws in the eye.

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