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7 Easy Halloween Costumes That Use Men’s Dress Shirts As A Base


Halloween is fast approaching. Lots of people have been planning their outfits for months now, meticulously prepping odds and ends to make sure their look is perfect for the big day. Others, however, have not given the holiday a second thought. Until now. Wouldn’t it be great to quickly cobble together a costume made out of items you already have lying around the house and compete? Maybe we can help. Here are 7 easy Halloween costumes that use men’s dress shirts as a base.

Joey Tribbiani from Friends

Joey Tribbiani is the light hearted loveable oaf from the hit series “Friends”. He serves plenty of dress shirt looks that can be utilized for Halloween inspiration, but if you really want to nail his essence there is only one costume to consider: The All Clothes.

Young Comedian Bojack Horseman

To become Young Comedian Bojack Horseman you only need a few key items. A white tie, a light blazer, jeans, red shoes, and a black and white dress shirt. If you want to take your costume aspirations one step further then add a horse head mask. We guarantee no one will be asking who you are supposed to be.

Ted Lasso

America’s favorite soccer coach is a simple man. So simple, in fact, that to pull off his look for Halloween all you’ll need is a white button-down shirt, a navy puffer, tan slacks, and a wicked moustache.

The Brawny Man

The Brawny Man is a slice of good old American branding. If you want to face life’s challenges – like putting together a Halloween costume last minute – with strength of character like he does, then you’re in luck. This Red and Navy Flannel coupled with navy jeans should do the trick.

Bob Ross

Paint yourself as a happy little Halloween participant and give the Bob Ross look a shot. A Lightweight Softened Denim shirt, a painter’s palette, and blue jeans is all you’ll need. Bonus points for a big, bushy, afro.

Step Brothers

Grab a bud and pull off the comedic duo of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly from Step Brothers. A couple Powder Blue Oxford button-downs, argyle sweater vests, and brown slacks will have you feeling like Dragon and Nighthawk before the festivities come to an end.

Dwight Schrute (as Meredith)

Dwight K. Schrute is a dress shirt and slacks wearing assistant office manager who, in his own right, would make a great Halloween costume. A simple Grey Dobby Oxford shirt, striped tie, and slacks will effortlessly pull the look together around wired frames. But why stop there? Dig deeper and add a red wig to pull off a meta-Dwight-as-Meredith costume! Those who get it will be blown away by your deep cut reference.

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