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Simple Rules To Layering Like A Pro In 2022


We say rules but please, think of these tips as suggestions. Fashion is a personal journey, but if you're looking to try something new, like layering, then consider us a guiding hand. So, let's take a look at how these simple steps to layering will have you padding like a pro all winter long.

1. The Thickest Fabric Goes On The Outside

Stop us if you've heard this one before, but the thinnest layer should always be on the inside and -- oh, you HAVE heard it? Good. Hop on down to the second tip. But for those who don't know, it goes like this: jacket (thickest layer) goes on top. Undershirt (thinnest layer) goes on the bottom. Start at the undershirt and layer - by degrees of thickness - your way up to jacket. Voila. No more feeling bulky.

2. No More Than 3 Visible Layers In A Professional Setting.

3 layers is kind of the sweet spot for visual layering in an office setting. Like anything else in fashion, there are exceptions - your personal taste, for instance - but if you're going for clean lines and crisp contrasts, then the rule of 3 is good to know. 2 works well for casual office attire (think dress shirt and sweater), but 4 is usually overkill and can start to feel bulky again.

Pro Tip: Scarves make great layering tools that are light, visual, and offer a way to side step the suggestion of only 3 pieces.

3. Darker Colors Go On The Outside

Layering isn't only functional, it's visual as well. One of the best ways to play up this aspect is via color. Whatever combination you go with, try putting the lightest color on the inside (dress shirt/t-shirt, etc.). This adds a subtle hint of texture to the ensemble.

4. Scale Patterns From Least Noticeable To Most Noticeable

Another way to add visual texture is by incorporating patterns. To do this most effectively, try putting the least noticeable pattern, say a solid colored/smooth textured dress shirt, on the inside and end on something like a roughly hewn wool sports coat. Or maybe you'd rather go plaid dress shirt, merino wool sweater, and smooth blazer? Mix and match patterns with texture and see what works best for you.

5. Each Layer Should Work As A Stand Alone Piece

How many times have you seen someone wearing a jacket in the middle of summer and thought why? We can tell you why from personal experience: poorly planned out layering. Basically, the goal is to be comfortable wearing the outfit even if you need to remove a layer.

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