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8 Best Shirt Fabrics for Spring


It’s finally happening. Green grass, clear blue skies, birds chirping away like some nature centric version of twitter. That’s Spring and it’s here. Right outside your home office setup is a world waiting to be rediscovered. There are hikes to take, picnics to be had, beaches to walk, parks to explore, outdoor restaurant seating to be booked. Is your wardrobe ready to get active? Here are 8 of our best Spring ready shirt fabrics to keep you looking and feeling great all season long.

Casual Dress Shirt Fabrics

Star Jacquard Utility

The Star Jacquard Utility fabric is a midweight denim-like cloth made from 100% cotton. It’s a great option for spring weather that tends to stay on the cool side. It’s rough and rugged, like jeans, but unlike their leg covering counterparts, this Star Jacquard Utility fabric is super soft to the touch. You get the best of both worlds. Form and function fit for weekend outings that call for a little style and durability.


Pink Organic Cotton

Our Pink Organic Cotton fabric is springtime fresh with a side of eye-catching style. The soft pink color is the perfect accent to any urban jungle weekend plans, but it’s the lightweight construction that keeps you cool no matter how hot-tempered the weather gets. Pink Organic Cotton has enough heft to hang with the best of ‘em without bunching or wrinkling, so put it to the test and add a splash of color to your seasonal style.


Even Checked: Navy Blue

Even Checked: Navy Blue combines classic style with easy to wear comfortability. It’s made using extremely thin blue and white cotton threads that’s not only fetching, but functional as well. Even Checked serves as a lightweight fabric that breathes easy to keep you feeling refreshed all day long. Enjoy warm weather activities without resorting to wardrobe changes and capture every crisp, cool, breeze that gusts its way through your day.


Yellow & Blue Vivid Tattersall

If you’re looking to add a little color to the natural hue of springtime, then look no further than this Yellow & Blue Vivid Tattersall fabric. It’s extremely thin without being see-through, which means it can handle even the brightest, sunshiny day the season throws its way. Say yes to all day comfort. Say yes to Yellow & Blue Vivid Tattersall. 


Formal Dress Shirt Fabrics

Monti Ocean Blue End-on-End

Our Monti Ocean Blue End-on-End fabric is a refreshing take on light blue. The heathered effect produced by the two tone, end on end, weave is subtle, but when paired with solid colors it does wonders to break up the monotony. Not to mention the thread count boasts a lightweight drape that gives Ocean Blue a breezy demeanor perfect for balmy workdays.



Quick Dry White Herringbone

Our Quick Dry White Herringbone fabric is an attractive middle-of-the-road option for those who want an office ready dress shirt that can also do casual outings. It is made using 100% polyester threads that wick away moisture, leaving you high and dry when the weather gets hot. This translates to a comfortable fit that doesn’t bunch or wrinkle despite how active your workday may get.


Sea Foam Green

Tackle warm weather in style with this ultra-lightweight Sea Foam Green fabric. It’s as functional as it is appealing. That’s because the subtle broadcloth weave lends a breathable nature to Sea Foam Green, giving the cloth great airflow. Use this bright and airy fabric to customize a perfect fitting shirt to your exact specifications and give springtime a run for its vividly colored money.


Creamy Custard

This Creamy Custard cloth serves up style and comfort without sacrificing versatility. That’s because it is constructed using an ultra-lightweight 60s 1-ply thread count in a tight-knit broadcloth weave. The result is an easy to breathe fabric that hangs flat for tucked or untucked looks. Pair Creamy Custard with olive chinos and brown loafers for a tastefully casual office ensemble.


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