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A conversation with Model, Globetrotter, and Original Stitch Influencer Jeff Kasser

A conversation with Model, Globetrotter, and Original Stitch Influencer Jeff Kasser 

If you don’t know who Jeff Kasser is, let us introduce the two of you. He is one of Instagram’s biggest lifestyle influencers, but to only describe him as such would be a foolhardy endeavor. Sure, Jeff is a professional model, but did you also know he has a great sense of style? Check out his YouTube channel if you don’t believe us. We sat down to talk with him about his experience in the social media limelight paired with his tales of travel. Here is what we found out.


Original Stitch: Tell us about what it means to be an Influencer and what inspires you to keep creating content on Instagram?

Jeff: Being an influencer means you are the creative director, photographer, and model all in one. You come up with the inspiration and you set up the entire shoot. It’s amazing! I’ve been modeling for quite some time and becoming an influencer has allowed me to be creative behind the camera as well.


Original Stitch: What is the coolest place you’ve visited?

Jeff: The coolest place I’ve traveled to is Dubai. That place is wild! Everything is next level there - from the hotels to the clubs to the shopping. They have the tallest buildings, the largest shopping malls, and the really nice hotels charge a few hundred bucks for a steak!


Original Stitch: What do you usually wear to the airport when traveling?

Jeff: When I travel, I go super comfy and casual. My girlfriend is always dressed up. But I want to be comfy on the flight, so I am always in sweatpants and a hoodie.


Original Stitch: You mentioned that your girlfriend got you your first Original Stitch Shirt as a gift. What was the process like for her to get your correct measurements? 

Jeff: Well she knew a lot of my measurements from my modeling comp card. She secretly called my parents and they ‘casually’ asked me, haha. My girlfriend said the Original Stitch website made it super easy to input the
measurements for a tailor-made shirt!


So, there you have it. A taste of what makes up Jeff Kasser. If you’d like a broader look into a day in his life, then check out his Instagram for yourself. 750k people can’t be wrong.