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A Conversation with Joe Merrick, Owner and Creator of Serebii.net


If you’ve ever played Pokémon, whether it was via trading card battles, on the Gameboy, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Switch or your cell, there is a good chance you’ve visited serebii.net. It is the premiere resource for budding young trainers. Serebii.net is a guiding light for those who need to figure out type matchups or want to know if it is even possible to beat Brock with a Pikachu and a few other low-level starter ‘mons in Pokémon Yellow. Of course, serebii.net is still evolving, but we got a chance to sit down with creator Joe Merrick and get the 411 on the man behind this popular website.

Original Stitch: How did you first become interested in Pokémon?

Joe Merrick: It really goes back to my childhood. When I was in school, Pokémon was starting to come out over here in the UK but other than the TV show, we didn’t have anything here yet. A friend had imported Pokémon Red from America and showed me it and it just enticed me. I convinced my parents to import the game over and I just fell in love with it.


Original Stitch: How did you integrate your love of Pokémon with making content that others would respond to?

Joe Merrick: Not long after I got the games, as it was the late 1990's and the Internet was becoming more and more prominent, I decided to create the website and put it live. Once 2002 hit and Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire came out, it started to get more and more noticed and since then it has heavily expanded most recently into social media like YouTube and Twitch!


Original Stitch: Would you say that your interest in the Pokémon franchise shaped your personal style in anyway?

Joe Merrick: Maybe a little. My style was a bit generic, and I often then used branded T-Shirts underneath casual shirts during my early 20's. Once Pokémon GO hit and Pokémon became more mainstream again, I went back to more branded T-Shirts featuring Pokémon, but I still typically shift towards darker tones for clothing as I feel they complement my look better.


Original Stitch: What real animal reminds you most of Pokémon and why?

Joe Merrick: That’s really a tricky question. I’d have to go with rabbits. While many consider them animals that live in hutches, when you get a free-roaming rabbit you truly see how fun and playful they are and that they are lovely creatures. My partner often says that my parents’ rabbit and I are like Ash & Pikachu in how close we are.

Regardless of where you fall on the Pokémon spectrum, serebii.net has you covered. Follow them on Instagram for the latest tips, tricks, and news across the entire Pokéverse.