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A Glimpse into the Life of NFL Rookie Chase Winovich

A Glimpse into the Life of NFL Rookie, Chase Winovich

If you already know who Chase Winovich is, congrats, you’re a true football fan. For those of us not in the know, 24-year-old Winovich is the New England Patriots’ 3rd round – 77th overall – 2019 defensive end draft pick. And his NFL career could not be off to a better start. He’s already logged 4 games played, 5 total tackles, and 3 sacks. Suffice it to say, fans are starting to take notice. It’s not like the long, golden mane of number 50 is easy to miss, but when you mix raw athleticism with such luxurious locks, well, you’re bound to turn a few heads. We got a chance to catch up with Chase at the gym to get some insight into the motivation, success, and discipline that has gotten him to where he is today. Here is what we found:


Original Stitch: Congrats on being drafted to the New England Patriots. We’re sure you’ll be getting many requests for autographs going forward, but have you ever gotten an autograph from someone? If so, who, and how did you go about getting it?

Chase Winovich: I definitely asked for autographs as a kid from athletes. But the only autograph that will ever matter to me is my fearless quarterback, Tom Brady's.


Original Stitch: We’d also like to congratulate you on that beautiful head of hair. Do you have any special tips or routines for active men sporting similar looks? 

Chase Winovich: You just have to love and take care of your hair. Spend the time brushing it out, shampooing, conditioning, really just a lot of maintenance. But it is the price you pay for great hair.


Original Stitch: How often do you train per week? What, if there is such a thing for you, does a cheat day look like?

Chase Winovich: I work out every day. I want to be the absolute best I can be and want to make sure my body is in the best possible condition. On an off-day, I will take time to relax, get a massage, go out to eat with some teammates.


Original Stitch: As a football player, your uniform is your calling card. How would you describe your style off the clock?

Chase Winovich: For game days I love to dress up and look good. But when I am with my family and friends I like a more comfortable look. I also have my own clothing line (https://cwino.com/) which has some really comfy sweatshirts and t-shirts that everyone should check out!


Original Stitch: We recently hooked you and your dad up with custom Original Stitch shirts for Father’s Day. How did you guys like them?

Chase Winovich: The shirts were awesome and fit perfectly. What I really liked were the several design options I had for the shirt. I went with a simple blue design, but I had the option to do something crazier if I wanted.

So, there you have it straight from the work horse’s mouth. But if you think that Chase Winovich is just a great head of hair with a penchant for football then you’ve got it all wrong. Sure, he is a star football player, but he also takes the time to give back through collaboration with The ChadTough Foundation – an organization whose mission is to fund research for Pediatric Brain Tumors. If you want to follow Chase’s incredible journey as a rising star in the NFL then check out his Instagram here, or help him spread awareness about PBT by supporting his athleisure clothing line here. And why wouldn't you? Chase is a hard-working defensive end who has put in the blood, sweat, and tears to make a difference both on and off the field. I may be a diehard Dolphin’s fan, but a good guy is a good guy. Winovich is the kind you can’t help but wish a long, and successful, career. Even if he did bring Rosen to his knees in week 2.