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Adding Color to Winter Greys – A Wardrobe Guide


Just because winter brings about grey weather doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to follow suit. Then again, maybe you like the cool color aesthetic but want to experiment a bit. If so, then we’ve got a few tips to help you add a splash of color and shake things up like a fashion pro.

Navy and Grey

Are you new to color matching? Then Navy (or any blue for that matter) is a great place to start. It’s a cool color – just like grey – and the combination comes together to create a crisp, sleek, silhouette. Try navy slacks with a light grey cotton blazer. Or, simply swap the white dress shirt out with a blue one when wearing your favorite grey suit.

Grey with Rust Accents

If you’re above the navy and grey, then let’s look at rust. Rusty browns add a bit of warmth to the sterile feeling of grey without muddying the crisp aesthetic. Think scarves, ties, and socks here. If you’d like to layer on the aforementioned navy and grey, rust accents work great for this too!

Maroon Under a Grey Pullover

Maroon is another really warm color that plays well with grey. If you’d like to test it out without much risk, try a maroon dress shirt under a grey pullover sweater or vice versa. You could also simply layer a maroon sweater over darker grey pants for a complementary effect that draws the eye without trying too hard.

Dark Grey with Pink Dress Shirt

While white dress shirts add to the coldness – and therefore sharpness – of a dark grey suit, swapping it out with a pink one softens the aesthetic. Although it may take some experimentation to get the right grey and pink combination to work with your skin tone, this can be just the wardrobe change to make you feel like a million bucks against the monotonous backdrop of winter weather.

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