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Are Men’s Dress Shirts An Appropriate Place For Emoji Faces?

Emoji faces have come a long way since their original appearance on Japanese mobile phones. In the past few years, they have evolved into a universal and powerful form of communication no matter what language you speak. Emojis can be understood by everyone. Original Stitch, with its recent Emoji Collection launch, has decided to become an early adopter and take this concept off the screen. By rebranding the way emojis fit in an office structure, we have opened up the possibility for fun, casual wear that plays its part without overstepping any boundaries.

Of course, it’s important to adhere to your company’s wardrobe policy. But why shouldn’t you have a little fun when designing your perfect shirt? The key to using emoji faces when conjuring up men’s dress shirts is simple: less is more.

No need to go full on Burning Desire print if your office has a strict dress code. An accent on the inside of a collar or cuff can have the same confidence boosting effect. Everyone in the building doesn’t need to know it’s there, and those who do figure it out shouldn’t be able to spot the pattern from across the room. When in doubt, go inside out and put the emoji faces in an inconspicuous place – like the inside of a cuff – only to be revealed when your sleeves are rolled up.

If you have a fairly relaxed workplace environment, however, then feel free to go nuts. Men’s dress shirts are a versatile bunch and can fit in just about anywhere. Maybe you’re looking for a great crossover shirt? Something that can go from office hours to happy hours without skipping a beat? If that’s the case, then this line is for you. Unlike folks who work in a more metered office, you can go all out when it comes to designing custom made shirts. Pop emojis on pockets, collars, inner plackets – wherever your heart eyes emoji desires.

The thing to remember when deciding if men’s dress shirts with emoji faces printed on them are too much for your office is this:

How much is too much?

The answer may vary, but so can the location of each and every emoji pattern you choose.