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Ask Our Stylist: Fix Your Pant Break Before It Breaks Your Look

Ask Our Stylist: Fix Your Pant Break Before It Breaks Your Look

What is a pant break and why is it important to know the distinctions?

Pant break refers to the breaking point of your trouser hem when your trouser hits the top of your shoe. Although pant break is ultimately a matter of personal preference, acknowledging and knowing the different break types can help you make the right aesthetic choice for your ensemble. While some types are more conservative and provide a classic look, others make a bolder statement. Let's explore the 4 types of pant breaks!

Different Types of Pant Break

Full BreakThe bottom of pant folds when the pant hem hits the top of the shoe. This is the most traditional type of break option and works for a more conservative look.

Half BreakThe pant creases slightly at the hem when the pant hits the top of the shoe. The half break is a good alternative for people who don't want too much cloth pooling around their ankles.

No Break: Pant sits right on top of your shoe with no visible crease at the hem. A smidgen of ankle or sock may be exposed when standing. This offers a more modern look and is great for office wear. Note: This break usually requires a military-style hem to achieve a clean "no break" balance over the top and heel of the shoe.

Crop/No Break: The pant hem hovers slightly above the shoe, allowing a larger portion of the ankle to show while standing. The most modern and trendy of the pant break types, the crop pant break works great if you're looking to make a bolder statement in a casual setting. Note: If you are wearing a classic trouser, the width of the hem opening should be slightly tapered (not skinny) to achieve a balanced crop look.

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