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Ask Our Stylist: Is It Ok To Clash Prints and Patterns?

Ask Our Stylist: Is It Ok To Clash Prints and Patterns?

Whether you prefer bold or classic, the right pattern can elevate an outfit and make a serious impression. But what if you want to mix patterns into your business attire? As a stylist, my clients often ask me if it's appropriate to combine slacks and dress shirts with 2 distinct patterns.

I tell them that one of the hardest decisions they'll make regarding their wardrobe will always deal with the pairing and mixing of patterns. Showing that you know how to balance patterns and colors is the mark of a true sartorial maven.

Here's 2 ways you can make mixing patterns work for you:

Offset The Scale
Pair at different scales. One pattern should be subtle and understated, another more bold and visible, and lastly a larger pattern to tie the outfit together without overpowering the look altogether.

Mix The Media
Create a visual balance. Checks and plaids, as well as stripes and repeat prints (dots, paisleys, etc.), offset and complement each other.

When done correctly, there are print clashes that look intentional and like the right fashion wheels were turning during the compilation of the ensemble. With experimentation (usually) mastery will ensue. Ask your friends for feedback, retry what didn't work in different ways. Eventually you'll discover your perfect pattern clashing style.

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