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Ask Our Stylist: What cuffs for what purpose?


Ask Our Stylist: What cuffs for what purpose?

There are many options available when designing your perfect dress shirt. We’ve already talked a bit about unique collar styles and how to use them, so let’s take a moment to discuss another often overlooked area: the cuffs. Like collars, your shirt cuffs can add subtle style to the overall cut of your ensemble. No doubt you’ve heard or at least seen the barrel cuff. This is your standard dress shirt cuff. The corners are squared and can be fastened with either one or two buttons. But what else is there? When is a French cuff appropriate? We’ve answered those questions and more below.

The French Cuff - Original Stitch French

French cuffs, or double cuffs, are characterized by their length. They tend to be double the size of barrel cuffs, allowing for the extra material to be folded back on itself and fastened with cuff links. Typically, French cuffs are formal by design. You probably think they’re strictly to be worn in situations that call for black tie attire, but you’d be wrong. Modern styles have incorporated the French cuff for casual affairs by cutting down the length and adding fun, festive, colors to the mix.

The Convertible Cuff - Original Stitch Square

The Convertible cuff can be viewed as a barrel and French hybrid. Depending on the look you’re going for it can be fastened via a button or cuff link. This dual functionality sees buttons set a little off to the side next to the buttonholes in order to accommodate either preference. When the corners are rounded, the convertible cuff gives off a dressed down, casual, vibe. The addition of cuff links kicks it into a more formal territory.

The Mitered Cuff - Original Stitch Big Angle

Mitered cuffs are one of our absolute favorites. It’s a simple cuff that works well whether you’re going into the office or attending a wedding. That’s because it is very much similar to the barrel cuff but with one distinct caveat: the 45-degree angle corners. This slanted seam offers an eye-catching option that can be fastened easily with one or two buttons.

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