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Ask Our Stylist: What is the best shirt cuff?

Ask Our Stylist: What is the best shirt cuff?

"Who cares about the cuff on your dress shirt? It's either buttoned or french cuffed, right?"

No. By now you should know that our goal is to make sure that you dress with intent, and that means that every detail matters. Shirt cuffs, like collar styles and cloth types, indicate the formality of a shirt. Here are the most common cuff styles and variants to help you make the right choice.

Fastening Styles:
The barrel cuff gets its name from its cylindrical shape. It is the most common cuff shape and is the ideal choice for semi-formal ensembles. Barrel cuffs are usually fastened by one button and often have a second button parallel to first that allows the wearer to control the snugness of the cuff on their wrist.

French cuffs are the most formal cuff option. This style is double the length as a barrel cuff because it is meant to be folded back on itself and fastened with cuff links. Aside from weddings and black-tie affairs, this cuff style is a favorite for those who work in professional settings.

The convertible cuff is Original Stitch's default cuff style. It is a barrel cuff that gives the wearer a variety of fastening options including the ability to add cufflinks for a dressier look. 

Cuff Shape Variants:
The rounded cuff is most often a barrel cuff with a smooth, rounded edge. Typically regarded as a more casual style, the rounded cuff pairs well with buttoned-down collars and more relaxed cloth options.

Notched (Mitered)
The notched cuff (aka the mitered cuff) is most often a barrel cuff with the edge chopped at a 45-degree angle. Its sharp look makes it the choice cuff style for those in more professional settings.

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