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Ask Our Stylist: When is it appropriate to roll up sleeves on my dress shirt?

Ask our Stylist: When is it appropriate to roll up the sleeves on my dress shirt?

We've all been a victim to and perpetrator of old-world presentation politics. Sleeve rolling is another battleground. As with all aspects of getting dressed, our goal is to make sure you know the rules --when to uphold them and when to break them -- so that you always dress with intent


There are three instances where it makes sense to roll your sleeves:
•When your body temperature rises and you need more ventilation

•When you're conducting physical labor (and you don't want to stain your shirt)

•When you'd like to convey a relaxed attitude while maintaining some formality (business casual)


Ways To Roll:

This is the easiest and most intuitive way to roll sleeves. You simply unbutton your cuff and sleeve placket. Then, using your shirt cuff as a measurement, fold your cuff once and repeat until your cuff reaches your elbow. 

A trick to having a sharper version of this cuff is by unbuttoning your cuff and leaving the button on your sleeve placket fastened. You then fold your cuff in half and continue folding until your cuff until you reach your sleeve plack button. This will result in a leaner fold for a smart 3/4 length look.

Most Stylish
This rolling technique is recommended for shirts that have contrasting inside cuff lining. Start by rolling your sleeve, about 2 widths of the cuff, making sure that your cuff's edge sits just above your elbow. Flatten out any creases and then begin rolling from the bottom end of the sleeve. Continue rolling until your fold reaches the cuff's edge. Tug on the cuff's edge just a bit to show a quarter to half an inch of your cuff lining. Once complete, the bottom of your fold should sit just below your elbow.

Workmen's Roll
To give you the most arm exposure and to have the best chance at not getting your sleeves dirty during manual work, we present the Workman's roll. Lay your shirt down on a flat surface and begin folding your sleeve to a cuff's width. Repeat this about 4 times until your sleeve length reaches just above your elbow or until it reaches about 5 inches from your underarm. 

We suggest that you avoid rolling your sleeves when you are:
•Wearing a suit or sports jacket

•Wearing a tie

•Presenting to an unfamiliar audience or to an audience that observes traditional standards of dress


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