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Best Gifts for Him: Gift Ideas for Your Husband or Boyfriend


Best Gifts for Him: Gift Ideas for Your Husband or Boyfriend

Shopping for the men in your life doesn’t have to be a stressful event. Men are easy. There are very few things they really want that, given the opportunity to procure, they don’t already have. Everything else is a tossup. A man’s reaction to gifts isn’t generally geared towards the item itself, but rather the person who is giving it. We’ve all seen it.  When was the last time your dad didn’t get a pair of socks or a tie on Father’s Day? And when was the last time he looked upset about it? The point we’re making here is, if you love him, any gift is worth giving. But, if you want to think outside of the box, then here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 

Custom Shirt

Custom shirts are a great gift idea. We watch the men in our life get dressed up for work, social engagements, and leisure activities every day. We see what they choose to wear, and the attire that hasn’t seen the light of day – likely to be tossed out without further discussion – in ages. Obviously, adding to the pile of beloved garments is a good goal by which to aspire. But how do you get the right measurements without him learning what you’re up to? Easy. Find his favorite, best-fitting, dress shirt and measure that. 

Original Stitch Pick: Original Stitch Custom Dress Shirt

A NOT Smart Watch

Let’s be frank, wrist watches have taken on a similar appearance ever since the Apple Watch burst on to the scene in 2015. That’s to be expected. Apple had a ground-breaking innovation on their (and everyone else’s) hand. There is only one problem. The trend is boring. Do you remember when time pieces were treated with a bit more reverence? When watch boxes were coveted things filled with a selection of wrist candy saved for special occasions? We guarantee your boyfriend or husband does. Give him that same feeling he had when his father or uncle or cousin bestowed upon him the glory of the watch box collection. Every man knows this moment. And you can restore it for him.

Original Stitch Pick: Dover’s Olive & Acacia

Monogramed Leather Dopp Kit

A man on the go is rarely as organized as he should be. Help your hubby stay abreast of the finer things that tend to go overlooked when packing. That’s where a monogramed leather dopp kit comes in to play. These adorable toiletry bags are great for things like razors, travel size deodorants and colognes, moisturizing cremes, lotions – you name it. And because they’re leather, they age gracefully. This means that the right dopp kit will continue to get more rugged with each use. If that doesn’t put a smile on your man’s well-groomed face, then we don’t know what will.

Original Stitch Pick: LifetimeLeatherCo Men’s Monogrammed Dopp Kits

Learn How to Cut His Favorite Style

This last suggestion comes as a personal anecdote. A friend of mine got married a while back. I’ve known this guy all of my life, and never really figured him for the marrying type. I asked him when he knew that his current wife was “the one”. He said when she learned to cut his hair via YouTube and surprised him with her new skillset on their anniversary. Now, can she cut any style? No. Does that matter? Also no. She can only do a fade, but she can do it really well, and he loves her all the more for it. Since then, I’ve learned how to cut my girlfriend’s favorite hairstyle and she mine. A few other friends and their significant others have also picked up on the trend. So, if you’re looking for an out of the box gift to give the man who has everything, then a few YouTube lessons in the art of hair styling is totally worth the investment.