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Celebrate National Pink Day in Style


National Pink Day (June 23rd) is upon us. Get your wardrobe ready to take part in the celebration with one of Original Stitch’s many pink shirting options. Not only are they made from the finest materials around, they’re each 100% customizable so you get a superior fit in a style that is wholly unique to you. We’re putting pink on a pedestal because if we know shirting – and we do – this won’t be the last holiday (hint: Valentine’s Day) that you’ll want to dabble in the soft seduction of this rosy hue.

Etched in Pink Linen

Put summer heat out of your mind with this Etched in Pink Linen fabric. It’s a vibrant, canvas-like, cloth that promotes ample airflow to keep you cool when the temperature is adamant about losing its own. Thin wisps of white thread etch through the fabric resulting in a subtle smoky effect that comes out in the light. Etched in Pink Linen – it’s a refreshing take on pink that lives for beachy vibes. Add it to your wardrobe and see for yourself.

Pale Pink & Proper

If your goal is to beat the heat and look good doing it, look no further than this Pale Pink & Proper fabric. It is an ultra-lightweight cloth that breathes easy even in the most stifling weather. Pale Pink & Proper also boasts moderate stretching qualities, meaning it’ll stay loose and limber all day long, allowing you to move without feeling constricted where it matters most.

Quick Dry Pink Dobby Plaid

Wake up your wardrobe’s ethereal senses with this Quick Dry Pink Dobby fabric. It’ll easily be the most comfortable thing you’ve worn in weeks. That’s because the cloth itself is ultra-lightweight, making it the perfect counter to warm summer days. Airflow aside, this quick drying cloth utilizes a loose-knit weave that promotes movement and minimizes unsightly bunching. What you’re left with is a functional shirt that’s as casually chill as it is delicately pink.

Salmon Pink Mesh

Get versatility and comfort in a superior fit. Salmon Pink Mesh can help. This cloth is to warm weather what mesh is to liquid – it promotes airflow like water through a net. A hot day feels much more refreshing when every breeze it musters makes its way through. Bank on the adaptability of Salmon Pink Mesh. It fits into myriad occasions and can be styled to suit jeans or slacks.

Barely Blush Micro-Diamond

The Barely Blush Micro-Diamond fabric takes performance wear and gives it an office-ready makeover. It makes use of a supple tight-knit weave with just enough give to move when you do, making it a great everyday wearer. The moisture wicking properties present the perfect canvas to customize the ultimate warm-weather shirt. When it comes to sweat, this cloth isn’t having any of it. That means you stay cool, dry, and comfortable until the very end of your day.


At Original Stitch we offer a fully customizable collection of premium quality dress shirt, suit blazer, and pant fabrics. Use them to create a wardrobe that is completely unique to YOU. Our high-quality yarns are hand-selected from – and tailored in – Japan to be extra resistant to wear and tear while maintaining a softer feel than their off-the-rack counterparts.