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Choosing The Right Shirt Style for Every Man

The shirt you choose says a lot about how you want to be perceived. If men’s fashion isn’t exactly your forte, you may want to check our trusty guide to make sure you’re sending the right signals at work, on dates, and in your day-to-day life with your dress shirt choices.

Slim fit shirts declare youth and vitality. They show confidence in one’s body, both in terms of physical form and overall presence.

Of course, slim-fit shirts aren’t the best men’s shirts for everyone. More generally, a shirt that is made to fit your body — whether you have a narrow frame or a barrel chest — is a sign of self-assurance and attention to detail. It sends the message that you care about how you look and you’re happy with yourself.

A bold print is also a sign of confidence. A well-chosen print shows your style and personal taste. It’s a way to send signals about your personality. For example, an old-school Hawaiian print shows a devil-may-care attitude, and a checkered pattern shows boyish charm.

If a print sounds a little too bold for you, you can get a similar effect with subtle details. Use a floral print inside your cuffs or on the inside of the collar, for example, to show a touch of taste and style without being too aggressive in your fashion choices.

Regular fit men's shirts have an additional inch of room throughout the body, giving them a more relaxed look and making them more comfortable for long hours at the office. It’s the tried-and-true foundation for some of the very best men’s shirts. The statement of a regular fit shirt comes in the details.

Is the shirt wrinkly? Does it hang too low on the shoulders and have sleeves that are half an inch too short? A regular fit shirt like this shows sloppiness, disinterest, and a lack of ambition.

But a regular fit shirt that is tailored to the man, one that has elegant lines and crisp fabric — a shirt like that shows sophistication, maturity, and stability.

Pinstripes, likewise, show sophistication. A high contrast stripe pattern signals ambition and sharp skill. It calls to mind the sharks of Wall Street in the 1980s. A softer pinstripe with more subtle lines shows classic taste and dependability, virtues that never go out of style.

A relaxed fit shows more interest in work than in fashion. By keeping things simple and traditional, a relaxed fit shirt makes it clear that you’re not here to mess around. And if you’re relaxed fit shirt is appropriately tailored to your neck, arms, and body, it can send a serious message while still making you look great.

Solid color designer men's shirts belong in every man’s closet. The particular color you choose sends signals about your personality.

  • Blues and whites are traditional, modest, and humble.
  • Pinks and purples are bold and forward-thinking. Traditionally feminine hues show confidence and masculinity, particularly when paired with a dark knit tie or a sharp jacket.
  • Blacks and browns are rugged and outspoken. They tend to command attention.
  • Pastels are easy going and friendly.

Make Your Shirt Style Your Own

Of course, these styles are far from the only options. At Original Stitch, you can customize every last detail of your shirt, creating over a billion possible options. The result is a hand-made shirt that says exactly what you’d like to say about your personality and goals.

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