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Custom Emoji Shirts make great festival wear


Festival season is right around the corner and that means finding the perfect festival wear is becoming a priority. The obvious option is tank tops and board shorts, but let’s be real – that’s what everyone will be wearing. Formulaic festival outfits are no way to stand out in a crowd, which is why we here at Original Stitch have introduced an exclusive Emoji Collection that will be an exciting addition to any music festival fashion scene.
Nowadays, the popularity of emojis has outgrown its original intent. They’re a large part of a millennial culture and using them has shaped the way we communicate with one another. We use them in emails, text messages, social media and now, on clothes. That’s because these little characters have come a long way. Gone are the days of pairing a semi-colon and parenthesis to underscore a cheeky statement. We now have full on faces with a wide range of skin tones, ages, and characteristics to get our point across. Emojis have become the easiest way to take the subtext out of context and get straight to the heart of a message. Your festival wear should do the same.
Express yourself with no need for a screen by utilizing one of Original Stitch’s 11 emoji prints to design the perfect shirt to accompany your mood. Every night can lend you a different emoji to wear on your sleeve with options left over for when the music stops. Not to mention the cut of a well-fitting shirt is sure to highlight your frame in ways that of the rack gear can’t. Look, as festival outfits go, the more unique the better. So, pair Coachella with our Pineapple Express emoji fabric or show some love at Lightning in a Bottle with our Burning Desire print. We’re sure other festival goers will pick up on the vibe immediately.