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Dr Who: Timeless European Fashion Trends You Don’t Need a Tardis to Find

Dr Who: Timeless European Fashion Trends You Don’t Need a Tardis to Find

London’s legacy to fashion

Some people say clothes don’t make the man, and while that is technically true, the men’s fashion industry has come a long way to proving that the relationship between a man and his wardrobe is a symbiotic one. None know this better than the many incarnations of Dr. Who. His onslaught of iterations has done well to highlight European fashion trends in bold, yet totally wearable ways. Are they all hits? Not necessarily. But that’s the fun of fashion. Individual style is a personal choice that should be scored on a case by case basis. Here are some basic European fashion trends to get your wardrobe out of the closet and into the mainstream waters of timeless chic.

European Fashion Trend #1: Suit Up (The 11th Doctor)

The concept of the suit has changed tremendously. This is in large part due to the evolution of men’s fashion as an industry. What was once a matching suit jacket and pant combo has now become sports coat and slacks. The Eleventh Doctor, who boldly redefines the “no-style-nerd” archetype, has produced one of the more iconic instances of this shift. Here’s how you can make his look your own.

  • Mix and match classic checkered or pinstripe suit pieces with solid counterparts.
  • Dress up the look with a shirt and tie (or bowtie) combination or step outside of the police box and add a more relaxed element with trainers and a tee.
  • Go big and go bold. Subdued colors is an outdated concept in the European fashion market. Clothes, like people, can be vibrant and full of personality. Who knew?

European Fashion Trend #2: The Clash (The 6th Doctor)

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding European fashion and the colors that make it viable. Leave grey to the London skyline and adopt the bold, British flair of the 6th, and most bombastic, Doctor. His style was a turbulent mess of patterns, styles, and genres. Play around with a few of his tactics to see what works for you. Here’s how to get started.

  • Bright colors that don’t match can absolutely be a statement. The thing to avoid is doing so inadvertently. Make an informative decision when opting for a look that can go either way and check out our colors that match guide here
  • Play with previously poo-pooed print combinations. Stripes and plaid may sound like a match made in men’s fashion hell, but the results might surprise you.
  • Don’t pigeonhole your wardrobe into one genre. Create options with clothes that would otherwise never coexist at the same function. Above the knee athletic shorts and a versatile polo are park friendly and fashionable.

European Fashion Trend #3: Access to Accessories (The 4th Doctor)

Accessories are meant to highlight a core concept, but what works in America may not work across the pond. And that’s fine. Not everyone wants jewelry, watches, or rings weighing down their look. In fact, a lot of men’s fashion, Europe’s in particular, uses other articles of clothing to accessorize. Take the 4th Doctor, for example. He has embodied this trend since the early 80s. Try some of these simple staple clothing options on for size.

  • Scarves are future proof in European fashion. They create a smart style that can elevate just about any casual look. Wear them loose and long, in a European knot or with knitted shirts and sweaters. Just wear them.
  • Break away from the New York Messenger style tote and give your wardrobe a European upgrade. The cross-body messenger bag can help. It’s functional but it also adds a fun sporty style to more casual gear.
  • The bowtie. It’s smart. It’s hip. It’s sexy. It’s also about time the bowtie made it back to this side of the pond.

European Fashion Trend #4: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (with Fashion Faux Pas)

As stated above, style is a personal choice but that doesn’t mean you should choose to ignore it. Maybe plaid-striped blazers aren’t your thing. Fair enough. There are still do’s and don’ts when it comes to presenting yourself to the world around you. A men’s fashion lesson to take from our neighbors across the pond is this: clothes are an expression of self, not an expression of self-doubt. To put it succinctly, dress with confidence. Here are some common mistakes to avoid.

  • Sweat pants, joggers, or leggings in the city. Just don’t do it. We get away with it here, but anywhere else in the world it is considered a major no-no.
  • Cargo shorts. Did you know that cargo pants were originally invented for use by the British Armed Forces in WWII? If Europeans have since abandoned the concept as viable casual wear, then so should you.
  • Gaudy jewelry. As previously stated, jewelry is a toss up depending on your style. But remember the old adage here: less is more. Think elegant accessory, not rap video mogul.