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Essential Dress Shirt Colors & Weaves For Any Wardrobe


Dress shirts are a foundation of the classic man’s wardrobe. But let’s be honest, they’re often overshadowed by the suave effect of suits or the flashy appeal of accessories. We tend to make snap decisions when it comes to our button downs. We try them on, take them off, and then pull another off of the hanger just to see which one fits best with the rest of our looks. It’s a dilemma as old as time, which is why we’ve put together a list of dress shirts every wardrobe should include. We’ll talk color, style, even weave, so that your closet is a well-rounded reflection of your budding style.

Four Dress Shirt Colors Every Man Should Own

Blue: Blues, like the style of music, are the foundation. Very light blues act as a stand in for white and very dark blues can sub for black. Blue dress shirts are also, in our humble opinion, the easiest to work with print and pattern wise. If your wardrobe has gotten a case of the stagnants, then a new blue hue will cure what ails it.


Pink: Pink dress shirts – light or dark; salmon or watermelon – have a way of livening up whatever they are paired with. If you’re going light pink up top, then try a navy or burgundy bottom. Dark pinks like neutral colors such as grey, black and white. Once you’ve got the hang of which works best for you, play around a bit. Fashion rules are meant to be broken, after all.

Burgundy: Burgundy is to dress shirts what red wine is to a fine steak dinner: not necessary but always well received. Burgundy, as a base, allows for a myriad of color pairings – navy blue, black, light and dark greys – but it also works well on just about any skin tone. Add a burgundy dress shirt to your wardrobe and you’ll never be without a versatile safety option again. 


White: Yes, white is an obvious choice, but it’s obvious for a reason. It works. White dress shirts are easy to match, offer clean lines to slacks and denim alike, and can be dressed down or up based on the cut, and weave choices. One thing to keep in mind is the weave choices. When it comes to your standard white dress shirts, standard doesn’t cut it. Feel free to apply this next section across the board of colors we’ve discussed so far, but white dress shirts will absolutely benefit from these ⬇️


Must Have Dress Shirt Weaves and Fabrics

Every wardrobe should have a decent selection of plain and fancy fabrics and weaves. The goal here is to be prepared for whatever the occasion calls for. Work lunches and other semi-casual affairs? Light, sheer, plain weaves like poplin or broadcloth will keep you cool and looking classically fresh. Formal outings like weddings or board meetings? Visually striking weaves like royal oxford or herringbone can elevate your ensemble’s appeal. Of course, there are opportunities for crossover, so experiment to your wardrobe’s content.

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