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European Fashion trends that reign supreme in Italy


Style Elevator: European Fashion trends that reign supreme in Italy

 Fashion Trends from Florence to Milan

Italy has long been in the running for fashion capital of the world. If you’ve ever walked the streets of Rome – or any other major city in Italy, for that matter – then you know why. We’re convinced that everyone who lives there moonlights as a fashion model. Spruce up your wardrobe by following suit with these European fashion trends aimed at taking your style to the next level.  

European Fashion Trend #1: Play with Colors

Colors to the wardrobe is what paint is to the canvas. Without it, you haven’t got much of anything. But in the right hands their utilization can bloom a splendid work of art. Colors that clash, colors that complement, and colors that match can all lend an aura of playfulness to a wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and find value outside of your comfort zone. Our Florentine friends sure have.

Original Stitch Tip: Go bold. This doesn’t necessarily mean bright colors. You don’t need to be seen from 2 blocks away to stand out. You just need to create a color palette that suits your style. Earth tones with pastel highlights are a safe starting point.


 European Fashion Trend #2: The Trendy Trench Coat

One of the more timeless pieces to come out of Italian fashion trends is the trench coat. Everyone in the city has one. Doesn’t matter which city, pick your favorite. Trench coats in Italy are not superfluous by any means, but the style and grace in which Italians wear them would make you think they are. That’s because in Italy, style and functionality are of a common goal.

Original Stitch Tip: Wool is for weather. Any kind of weather. It breathes in the summer and traps heat in the winter. If you’re going with a trench coat to add an air of dignity to your look, then make sure it’s made of this marvelous material.


 European Fashion Trend# 3: Come Out of Your Shell with The Turtleneck

If we’re listing types of clothes that should have gone the way of the dinosaur, then turtle necks should come out on top, right? Wrong. Like everything that Italians do, this is one of many fashion trends that has its history rooted in classic style.

Original Style Tip: Combine your turtleneck with a pair of slim fit pants to highlight your frame in warmer seasons. Use more loose-fitting iterations to stay warm, but look cool, when the weather takes a chilly turn.