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Fall Friendly Fabrics to Transition Into


Are dropping temperatures putting a damper on your summer fun wardrobe? We get it. It can be hard to ditch the lightweight cotton and denim for bulky coats and heavy scarves, but not to worry. We’re here to help you transition into some easy to wear fabric options that will keep you looking your best even when bundled up. Here are our favorite fall friendly fabrics that will make transitioning into autumn super chill.



When it comes to warmth, softness, and comfortability, none do it quite as well fleece. It’s the cold weather fabric of choice for a reason. Fleece is breathable and fast drying, which makes it perfect as an outer layer piece. Fleece is, however, 100% synthetic. So, if you’re looking for sustainable alternatives then your best bet will probably be wool.



Wool’s benefits are plentiful. It’s breathable as an outer layer, insulating as an inner layer, all natural and environmentally friendly. Wool is also very versatile. It comes in many variations including merino, which is an ideal insulator, cashmere, which is super supple, mohair, which is warm and durable. There is also: Flannel, Alpaca, Tweed, and Angora.



Silk is made when silkworms create their cocoons. Now, we know what you’re thinking: silk is way too thin to be any kind of real deterrent against the cold. And you’re partly right. Alone, silk isn’t going to offer much protection, but think of it more like the frontline, not the entire defense. Silk is a layering piece. Keep it close to the body, like say a silk shirt, and it will do wonders to lock in body heat and start you on the road to warm and toasty.



Corduroy may not have always had a very warm reception in the fashion industry, but all that’s changing. Recently, it’s been heating up menswear. Corduroy is made of pile-cut yarn woven in vertical lines (called wales). It’s as stylish as it is functional and works well as pants or a jacket. When the temperature dips, cords are going to hold up every time.


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