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Fashion Lessons I learned from my Father

Father’s Day is a special day.

It’s a full 24 hours dedicated to the man who raised you. And if your dad is anything like mine, he likely taught you how to present yourself to the world. Whether that’s through the art of shaving, grilling the perfect steak, or the correct way to wear a scent, he did it with love. There are things we learn from our dads that they probably don’t even mean to teach. Watching my father get dressed for work, or vacation for that matter is one of those things. Even though we have very different styles today, doing so taught me what it meant to look like a man.

How to tie a solid Windsor Knot

One of the very first things I picked up from my dad was the tie knot. My dad very seldom left the house without a tie on, and if he did, it was only because he was wearing jeans to run errands. I’m not so formal in my appearance, but the times and outings that call for a tie are easily handled due to his thoughtful teachings. The most versatile of tie knots, he still insists, is the Windsor. Follow these steps so that you too can tackle the Windsor knot with ease.

Pleated pants FTW (For-The-Win)

Most of our dads likely grew up in the era of pleated pants - a once forgotten staple of gentlemanly attire smiled upon by the fashion gods. Over the past few years, these trendy trousers have been making a comeback, which is good news for anyone who has listened to their father preach the Gospel of Pleat to an uninterested congregation. But we’re listening now. The right pair of pleated pants can go a long way. They kill in the spring with a nice pair of boaters and tight cuffs, keep their cool in the summer by lending a breath of fresh air to wide leg looks and give winter the warm and fuzzies in slim fit wardrobes across the nation.

So, dad, my Father’s Day gift to you is this: you were right about pleats.

Hair today, gone tomorrow

The biggest takeaway from my father’s morning routine is his hairline. Like many men, as he aged, his full head of hair began to fade away. But the way he handled it was a lesson all its own. You see, he didn’t fret or try to find ways to combover or cover up his bald spot. In fact, he did just the opposite. He embraced his failing follicles. He did so by taking care of the hair he did have. His haircuts didn’t become less frequent, they became more prevalent. Visiting his barber became a source of pride, and in feeding his self-perception a healthy dose of confidence, other aspects of his life began to benefit from the spillover. In fact, my mom says he is the handsomest he has ever been. Which, to me and my brothers, holds about as much water as a mesh screen, but my dad loves the attention.

What are some fashion lessons your father has taught you? We're interested to hear. Leave them in the comments below.