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Festive Dress Shirts for Anytime of Year


Christmas time means sharing precious moments with loved ones. Getting together, whether it be in person or via Zoom, to wish seasons greetings, exchange gifts, and generally revel in the merriment of it all. Everyone knows that, during this time, it’s the thought that counts. Some, however, are too busy thinking about what to wear. Luckily for them, Original Stitch has put together a list of our favorite dress shirts that will add a little Yuletide joy to your Christmas wardrobe while maintaining year-round wearability.

  • Wine Micro Paisley: This Wine Micro Paisley dress shirt is guaranteed to add a fun, festive, tone to any ensemble. Its rich, red, coloring gives you a nice base to build on no matter the time of year, but it’s the pale-blue, snowflake-like, paisley pattern that makes it perfect for holiday office parties. Use Wine Micro Paisley as a statement piece under a Navy suit, add a Christmas themed tie, and voila! Instant holiday cheer.

  • Red and Navy Festive Flannel: Red and Navy Festive Flannel’s appeal is two fold. It offers a comfortable option for more casual Christmas settings, while maintaining support for anytime use. Whether you’re opening Christmas presents with the kids or enjoying a chilly spring morning hike, the lumber jack vibe just works. Of course, a jolly pair of seasonal socks and a Santa hat would add an extra layer of ho-ho-holiday chill.

  • Paisley Blue Velvety Corduroy: Sure, the Paisley Blue Velvety Corduroy doesn’t have much in common with the season by way of color, but that’s not where this dress shirt shines. Instead, it’s the eye-catching paisley pattern that makes it perfect for sitting around the fireplace and swapping stories with loved ones. When the holidays are over, however, a nice tapered jean opens up Paisley Blue Velvety Corduroy to myriad ensemble options in need of a little window dressing.


  • Red and Green Christmas Plaid: Much like the Red and Navy Festive Flannel, the Red and Green Christmas plaid was made to spread holiday cheer. The proof is in the title. But, while the former is for casual affairs, the latter is made for more formal settings. Pair Red and Green Christmas Plaid with olive chinos and a tan blazer to turn a few heads at the office Christmas party or keep it simple with dress khakis and a neutral tie for a perennial vibe.


At Original Stitch, we offer a fully customizable collection (yes, even the collar type!) of premium quality shirts. Customers can create a shirt completely unique to them. Our high-quality yarns are hand-selected from and tailored in Japan to be extra resistant to wear and tear while maintaining a softer feel than regular button-up shirts.