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Fitted Vs. Tailored Shirts - Pricing Factor


There are many reasons to move away from classic fit dress shirts. The one-size-fits-all approach isn’t for everyone, but not all of us are aware of the options. Last week we looked at the difference between modern fit and classic fit dress shirts. This week, we’ll tackle the difference between fitted and tailored dress shirts.

What is a fitted dress shirt?

A fitted dress shirt typically has higher arm holes that taper their way down to the wrist allowing for the fabric to stay true to the shape of your arms without billowing out in excess. There is also moderate tapering down from the underarm to the waist. Do not, however, confuse the fitted shirt with the slim fit dress shirt, because while the fitted does offer closer cuts to the chest, arms, and waist areas, the slim fit is going to be much more form fitting overall.

What is a tailored dress shirt?

A tailored dress shirt is a shirt that has been altered by a tailor. This can be done in steps – i.e., taking in the arms for a closer fit while leaving the rest of the shirt be – or as a full piece tear down. Because the tailored dress shirt can be described as “fitted to a body” it also often gets miscategorized as a fitted shirt.

Can any dress shirt be tailored?

Yes. All dress shirts can be tailored in myriad ways. For instance, a classic fit shirt with arms that are too lengthy can have them shortened by an experienced tailor. If the shirt is too long, the hem can be raised. Heck, even collars can be replaced with new styles or contrasting colors if you see fit. Or you could get it right the first time and order a wholly unique shirt, fit to wear straight out of the box, that you design from OriginalStitch.com (but we may be a tad biased here 😊).

How much does a tailored dress shirt cost?

The price of getting a dress shirt tailored varies. Generally speaking, taking in the shirt (chest area) can run around 20 to 30 bucks. Shortening the sleeves could cost an extra $15 - $40. Adjusting the shoulders would add roughly $40 to the price tag. Then there are the extras, like the aforementioned swapping out of collars, that will vary from tailor to tailor depending on the difficulty of the task. When you add up the cost of tailoring a shirt, it can get pretty expensive pretty fast, so most style experts warn to only alter the pieces you absolutely love in order to get your money’s – and outings – worth. But truthfully, it can be cheaper than getting a custom shirt done from scratch (unless you’re using Original Stitch). So, look around. Check out some local tailors and see what fits your style and price range best.

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