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Ask Our Stylist: How Long Should My Tie Be?

Ask Our Stylist: The Simple Guide To Proper Tie Length

Dressing well is an act of courtesy, and in menswear, it is all about the delicate balance of creating visual harmony between lines and proportions. What is the correct necktie length? Proper tie length depends on your body shape and height but the resting point of your tie end will always remain the same.

In short, the tip of your necktie should rest at the top of your waistline or in the middle of your belt buckle. Give or take an inch and you risk your outfit looking sloppy!

Missing the mark on the correct tie length is one of the most common “mistakes” made in menswear, but one that is easiest to fix. As a simple guide to eyeball, use the photo below for reference.

correct neck tie length


For when you’re ready to complete your look by pairing your necktie with a dress shirt, Original Stitch, a custom menswear brand, offers a collection of 30 Easy Care fabrics that are notable for their wrinkle-resistant weaving technology. Our high-quality yarns were hand-selected from Japan to be extra resistant to wear and tear while maintaining a softer feel than regular button-up shirts. 

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