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How To Dress Like A Boss – A Quick Guide To Men’s Professional Fashion


Dressing to impress is no easy feat. It takes time and effort and lots of trial and error. When testing out new styles, the most important accessory to remember is confidence. When you look good, you’ll feel good, and when you feel good, your confidence shows. So, without further ado, here are 4 quick tips on how to dress like a boss in a professional setting.

Go Custom Tailored

One of the easiest ways to elevate your style is to make sure your clothing fits correctly. Yes, off the rack is fine, but if you’re looking to promote your wardrobe from middle-management to boss status, then investing in a few custom-tailored suits, slacks, and dress shirts will be a major “dress for the job you want” upgrade.


How To Accessorize

When accessorizing, you want to keep it simple. There are a few ways to do this. Cufflinks are fantastic tools to use for functions that take place both in and outside of the office. Pocket squares also work well. Wearing a watch? Make it analog and save the smart watch for business casual days.

Business Casual Appropriate

Alts Casual Fridays become Business Casual Fridays when you’re the boss. So, dress down but stay away from t-shirts and jeans. We’re not saying you need to full on Andy Bernard your way through casual Fridays, but put a little effort in. Here are a few pairings we think are worth trying.

Instead of t-shirts and jeans, try:

  • Cotton suits over t-shirts and casual sneakers
  • Crew-neck sweaters with slacks and chukka boots
  • Turtleneck sweaters, slacks, and loafers worn sockless.


Update Your Necktie Selection

Believe it or not, the necktie is one of the first things people notice when taking in an outfit. In this way, they have the ability to make or break an ensemble. The business professional standard range for acceptable tie width is between 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches at its widest point. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play with color, patterns, or both. Make a bold statement by pairing print neckties with subdued colors. Small floral prints are a popular choice. Stripes are tried and true. Solids are safe. Mix and match your ensemble based on the desired outcome of the outfit as a whole but know that your choice of tie will do a lot of the heavy lifting in order to present your wardrobe as a package deal.


Color Matching Dress Shoes with Accessories

There are a TON of options for dress shoes out there, but if you’re looking to make sure you have a pair for any suit that comes into your life there are three future proof colors to get. Black, brown, and oxblood burgundy. The reason being is that there are not many color combos these three won’t fit into. If you’re going with a black, charcoal, or grey suit then black shoes will be your best bet. Going with a lighter blue suit? Don the brown shoes. Dark blue suits can go brown or oxblood burgundy depending on your accessories. When in doubt, pair your shoes with your belt, and then pair your belt with your jewelry. For example, a brown belt with a silver buckle would be best complemented by brown shoes and silver cufflinks, watch, rings, etc.

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