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How To Go Sockless Like A Pro


Sockless looks for men have become increasingly popular over the past few years. They’ve made the trek from casual to business casual and are crossing steadily into office and formal attire. That’s because warmer seasons like Spring and Summer already come with a unique set of problems. Why add more fabric when you can free the ankle and enjoy every breeze from the literal ground up? Anyone looking to try their hand – erm…, foot – at a few sockless looks need look no further. We’ve put together a little beginner’s guide on going sockless like a pro that we’re sure will put a pep in your step.

How To Go Sockless Without Smell

There are a few ways to go sockless without enduring the slippery, sweaty, baked-to-potato feet feeling we’ve all fallen victim to at one time or another. Some people use medicated powders like Gold Bond, others turn to terrycloth or cotton insoles. Those are great options, but we’ve found the easiest and most reliable way to go sockless is to just wear socks. Lost you there, huh? What we mean to say is, the easiest and most reliable way to ditch the sweaty foot smell is to appear sockless, while wearing socks. A pair of no-show, loafer liner socks should do the trick with any footwear - dress shoes, boaters, and loafers included.

Pair of Thieves Cotton No-Show Socks


Is it OK to go Sockless in a Suit?

Truth be told, the answer lies within your pants. It used to be that the dressiness of your pants dictated the dressiness of your shoes, but then Justin Timberlake came along and dragged that rule kicking and screaming into antiquity with his suit and sneakers phase. Now, the suggestion is to pay attention to your hem. If you’re going sockless, taper your hem or wear it cuffed.


How Much Ankle Can I Show?

When it’s casual, feel free to go as big as you want. Roll up your cuffs and let ‘em swing or tapper them down to an elastic scrunchie. When crossing into business casual and beyond, however, a good suggestion is to follow the 2-inch rule. The 2-inch rule simply states that when standing, the hem or cuff of your dress pant should sit no more than 2 inches – or just above your ankle – from the top of the shoe.


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