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How to Properly Fold a Dress Shirt


Step 1. Spread the dress shirt, button side down, on a flat, hard surface.


Step 2. Take the right sleeve and fold it towards the opposite sleeve. The shirt’s torso should overlap itself by roughly 2 inches.


Step 3. Fold the aforementioned sleeve down on itself to run parallel with the overlapped seam.


Step 4. Take the left sleeve and fold it towards the opposite side. There should also be a 2-inch overlap in the midsection fabric. 


Step 5. Fold the left sleeve in on itself. Once back toward the starting point, then once more toward the opposite side.


Step 6. Take the lower half of the shirt and fold it up so that the bottom hem sits just under the collar.


Step 7. And that’s it. Flip the shirt over and you’re ready to pack it up for travel or whatever else you need.

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