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How to style your suit coat casually


There are a lot of misconceptions about how one should wear a sports coat. Truth is, just about anything goes. Style is subjective. Everything looks good when it fits well and a well-fitting sports coat is a wise investment. They’re versatile and can go pretty much anywhere depending on how you style them. So, let’s look at a few ways for you to do just that. But first, you’ll need to decide on the style of coat you want to use: structured or unstructured.

Structured vs Unstructured Jackets

An unstructured sports coat has little to no shoulder pads. Some forego shoulder pads all together while other unstructured styles are fitted with a small piece of canvas fabric for a “soft shoulder” look. A structured coat places a shoulder pad just above the sleeve head. This gives the coat a clean silhouette that compliments body shape. Original Stitch tailors both. Whether you’re partial to structured looks or would rather go unstructured, you’ll get a precise fit tailored specific to your measurements.

Unstructured Style Tip #1 – The hoodie

If you want to dress down a suit jacket, sports coat, or blazer quickly then the hoodie is an easy-to-pair option. We like this look with unstructured styles. All you need to pull off a hoodie/sports coat outfit is a sports coat, hoodie, and casual sneakers. Any pant can work with the combo. Choose your favorite slacks, jeans, or corduroys and style to taste.

Unstructured Style Tip #2 – The t-shirt and chino

The t-shirt, jeans, and sports coat combination is time tested. Shake up the look and sub in chinos. This is another instance where unstructured jackets work best, but structured can also be a great fit. The key to coupling is keeping it light. Literally. A lightweight linen or cotton coat paired with a t-shirt and chinos makes for fantastic weekend wear. Roll the chinos up and go sockless – or go full on novelty socks and suspenders – for a personalized twist on a modern classic.

Bonus Tip: Pop on a zip up hoodie for light layering in mild climates.

Structured Style Tip #1 – The quilted field vest

Looking for a more professional way to casual-up your suit jacket? Try adding a quilted field vest in-lieu of a sweater or suit vest. Quilted field vests serve to soften the look (and feel) of your structured suit jacket. Not to mention the added padding works as functional fashion during cooler seasons like winter and fall.

Structured Style Tip #2 – The band collar dress shirt

Another stylish combination is the structured suit jacket and band collar dress shirt. We love this look because it wears very office friendly. Button it up and it’s elegant style that gives off a t-shirt and suit vibe. Undo the top button or two and you’re ready for an after-work hang in seconds. 

Bonus Tip: Any Original Stitch dress shirt can be designed with a band collar so you get the look in a tailored fit. We guarantee you’ll love it or the remake is on us.

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