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A Great Father’s Day Gift Idea: Made-To-Measure Men’s Dress Shirts

Your dad is a hero.

Show him exactly how much you appreciate everything he’s done for you with a Father’s Day gift that is wholly unique. A made to measure men’s dress shirt is exactly that gift. It’s stylish, will fit better than anything bought off of the rack, and is designed by you. Can you think of the last time you made your dad something for Father’s Day? We’re sure he can, and we’re sure he still has it. It’s time you add a new piece to the collection.

They’re stylish

Made to measure men’s dress shirts are a great Father’s Day gift idea because they can cater to the specific. Is your dad a fan of stripes? Then he gets stripes. Does he like short point collars? Then he gets a short point collar.

"You can even commemorate the occasion with a little monogram on the cuffs."

The point we’re trying to make here is this: your dad will love the fact that you went through the trouble to customize a gift that only he can use. But you know what he’ll like even more? That he didn’t have to pay for it.



They fit great

Any man who has worn a made to measure shirt knows how great it feels to have the right fit. They boost confidence and look good doing it. Whether your goal is to create a formal dress shirt or something with a more casual appeal is moot. It’s the cut that counts. If you aren’t sure of your dad’s exact measurements, we suggest measuring a shirt of his that already fits well and going with those.


Ordering a made to measure men’s dress shirt is not only fashion savvy, but it’s also cost effective too. Custom tailored apparel is built to last. This means you end up paying less over time than if going with a cheaper, run of the mill option. A lot of off the rack dress shirts tend to shrink, fade, or lose their shape over time. But with made to measure shirts you generally get higher-quality fabrics, precise stitching, and a thread count you can decide on. All of these variables culminate into one thing: long lasting shirts that are as durable as they are stylish. Now that’s something off the rack garments can’t say.

Don’t settle for last minute gift ideas. Think outside of the box stores and order your dad a tailor-made dress shirt for Father’s Day instead