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New Fall Colors for 2021


It's that time of year again. The temperature is dropping, the leaves are turning, and your wardrobe is begging for a seasonal update. Luck for you, we've got 5 new fall colors perfect for 2021.

This rich, blue-adjacent, color is a great way to shake things up this autumn. Wear it with a traditional fall color like brown to create a calm, soothing, effect. Indigo will also pop nicely alongside the changing foliage.

Army Green
Army green is a great fall color. It's deep, pairs really well, and adds a splash of color to any wardrobe. This is another traditional fall color family hue. There are many ways to wear it, but a personal favorite is to put it to work with an equally rich orange.


Clay is a neutral color that will give your ensemble a warm demeanor even on the chilliest day. Pair it with something neutral – a soft, dark grey, works well here - and give your outfit a gentle contrasting nudge into fall 2021.

Citrus Yellow
Citrus yellow is a fun twist to fall colors because it adds just the right amount vividness to any ensemble. It can be worn as a full piece - like a shirt - but where Citrus Yellow really shines is as an accent. Pair it with red or blue for a nice complimentary color scheme.


Fuschia, like citrus yellow, is a fantastic color for dress shirts but can also be utilized as an accent color. Think ties, socks, that kind of thing. It's such a fun and vibrant color that it fits in most anywhere but adds a special brand of pizazz to formal occasions like weddings.

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