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Quick Stitch Tip: How to Properly Wash and Dry Dress Shirts at Home

Quick Stitch Tips: How to Properly Wash and Dry a Dress Shirt at Home


How do I wash my dress shirts at home? 

In our first video of the Quick Stitch Tips series, Nathan explains the most popular at-home washing and drying settings for your dress shirts to come out wrinkle free.

With the proper care, a high quality dress shirt can last several years and will continue to look and feel great.

So, what is the easiest way to wash and dry your dress shirts at home?

1. Wash darker fabrics on the "cold" setting, while lighter colors can be washed on "warm"
2. Set your washer's spin speed to "medium"
3. Depending on your available dryer options, either "casual", "delicate" or "low heat" setting will work
4. After 15 minutes of drying, take your dress shirt out while it is still damp. It is recommended that you air dry your shirt, as air drying minimizes the possibility of shrinking your dress shirt.

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