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Quick Tips: Gearing Up For Super Bowl Parties


Did you know that, on average, roughly 44% of Americans watch the Super Bowl? With numbers that high it’s hard not to get sucked into the madness as a non-sports fan. But not to worry, whether you’re hosting or attending, we’ve got your ultimate quick guide to gearing up for Sunday’s fun day of Super Bowl parties.

Food and Beverages:

No Super Bowl party would dare call itself that if food and beverages are not provided. According to the National Chicken Council – yes, that’s a thing – Americans eat more than 100 million pounds of the stuff on Super Bowl Sunday alone. If you’re hosting, you can make sure everyone is happy by simply asking friends or attendees who are brining guests if there are any special requests. If you’re a guest and have not been asked but have a specific dietary need, it’s not a bad idea to bring a dish and offer it as part of the spread. In either scenario you ensure that there are vegetarian, vegan, or any other desired options available. If everyone’s fine with whatever then chicken wings are a probably going to be a safe bet.

Dressing the Part:

You can approach Super Bowl attire in a few ways. You can go as your cool casual self, looking spiffy in a custom-tailored short sleeve button up or polo. Or you can go the extra mile and pick up some sports gear for the team you’ll be rooting for. Not sure who you’ll root for? Then grab the team colors you favor and have fun.

Drinking Games:

This one is easy. We’ve all played “Drink If” at one point or another. So, instead of spending words on describing how the game is played, here are some ideas of ways to play it. Drink if:

  • There’s a 20+ Yard Pass
  • There’s an interception
  • A player cries
  • A commercial makes you laugh
  • A play is challenged
  • The game is interrupted by an outside force (fan, animal, etc. ends up on field during game)

Party Games:

A good way to entertain yourself during a game you care nothing about is to make it count for something. The easiest way to do this? Make a friendly wager with your pals. This could be anything from silly tasks to outrageous dares. If you’re looking for something with a bit more edge, however, you might be interested in trying out “Pass the cup”. It’s the fairest way to bet on the Super Bowl for novice watchers. The rules are simple. Grab a cup. Have everyone place a certain dollar amount into said cup. Pick a direction in which the cup will be passed and determine who starts with the cup. Every time the ball is turned over – goes from one team’s possession to the other’s – the cup is passed in the predetermined rotation. He or she or they who holds the cup last keeps the cup’s contents. Pass the Cup evens the playing field between hardcore NFL fans and complete NFL noobs because the entirety of its design is built around sheer luck.

Rooting for the Underdog:

If you’re not into gambling or playing party games, then maybe rooting for the underdog is more your speed. Everyone loves an underdog, so if you’ve got no skin in the game consider choosing the team opposite your friends, partner, or other guests. Not only will it be super exciting if there is an upset and they win, but you’ll likely also find yourself getting invested in the excitement of each offensive or defensive play that goes your way.

Enjoy the Commercials:

Super Bowl Sundays are known for their wild commercials. Advertisers pull out all the stops – roughly 44% of Americans will be watching, after all – and the results are often high concept, celebrity stuffed, commercials that are as entertaining as the game itself. So, if the on-field play isn’t grabbing your attention, at least pop in to check out some of the ads. It’s the one time a year that viewers unanimously agree they’re worth it.

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