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San Francisco Trends: The Bay Area Edition

San Francisco Trends: The Bay Area Edition

The latest styles served up as a San Francisco treat.

The beautiful thing about Bay Area style is that there is something for everyone buried within it. The multitude of options available to the men who inhabit this city is as cutting edge as the tech they produce. So, instead of going over full pieces or outfit builds, what we’re going to do here is lay out a couple fashion trends that skew more to the accessory. Here are a few that can go a long way in the tech giant capital of the world.

San Francisco Fashion Trend #1: The Casual Denim Jacket

Florida may be known as America’s sunshine state, but California has been hot on its heels for a long time. Don’t let that comparison fool you, though, the days may be sunny, but the evenings can be pretty chill. That’s where the casual denim jacket comes into play. These versatile coats are fashion friendly, lightweight, and easy to wear all year round.




Original Stitch Pick: Levi’s Sherpa Lined Trucker Jacket

San Francisco Fashion Trend #2: Suspenders

If belts are a pair of slacks’ best friend, then suspenders are the blue-eyed hottie that moves in next door. Your buddy knows he can’t compete with that. And he doesn’t want to. Heck, he even gives you his approval when you start splitting your time between him and her. And really, who can blame him?






Original Stitch Pick: Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Suspenders

San Francisco Fashion Trend #3: Hipster Chic Hat

A hipster chic hat can be a number of different styles. Everything from Panama Hats to Boaters and Newsboys can fit into this category. And honestly, they’re all solid choices. Take a look around and see what works for you. The only no-no is the beanie. Not that these aren’t fashionable options, but they’re kind of one in a million at this point. Try something new.





Original Stitch Pick: Barts Quest Summer Trillby

 San Francisco Fashion Trend #4: Vibrant Socks

Lastly, we have vibrant socks. This might sound like a no brainer to fashion forward individuals who are reading this, but rest assured, the knowledge isn’t as wide spread as you think. There are lots of chinos roaming around San Francisco. If you’re one of the men who wear them, switch up your style a bit with a pair of socks that adds a little vitality to your style.




Original Stitch Pick: Happy Socks Big Dot Gift Box