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Say Hello To Music Festival Style All Year Long


International Music Day was on October 1st. If it got you feeling nostalgic for the warm and sunny days of music festival season then you’ve come to the right place. Let your wardrobe reflect the glory of fist pumping, head banging, speaker rattling good times all year long. At the very least, you’ll be ready for when music festivals roll around again.

Orange Limon

Give your wardrobe a music festival vibe with this Orange Limon fabric. It’s got citrus on the brain and it’s not afraid to show it. The orange, yellow, and green colored fruit do a great job of popping off the crème background, giving the cloth a vibrant air that will liven up any ensemble. The time of year makes no difference, if you want to add a little sun-soaked flavor to your wardrobe then the Orange Limon fabric has got you covered.

Watercolor Floral Print

Liven up any wardrobe with this Watercolor Floral Print fabric. It combines the attractiveness of form and function into one easy to wear cloth. Use Watercolor Floral Print to give your workwear a stylish edge or design it with short-sleeves for a more casual look that says bring on the music festival vibes. However you decide to use it, Watercolor Floral Print will inspire artist vibes that paint a unique picture.

Go Bananas

Add a taste of something sweet to your wardrobe. This Go Bananas dress shirt fabric can help. It’s a fun fabric that can take on weekends with great a-peel. Design it to wear with a relaxed Cuban camp collar for a chilled out show style as tropical as the fruit itself. Just food for thought.

Big Green Retro Stripe

If you’re a fan of vibrant colors and asymmetric prints, then this Big Green Retro Stripe fabric is for you. It’s a mashup of green, peach, electric orange and light blue stripes that screams “I’m with the band”. Not only will it look great paired with just about anything, but our customization tools will also make sure it’s the best fitting thing in your closet.

Parrots of the Caribbean

Show off your sold-out show aspirations in this Parrots of the Caribbean dress shirt fabric. It’s fun and sun packed into one adventurous cloth. The bisecting blue, yellow, pink and orange lines give the shirt a retro aura, but it’s the blue, yellow, and red macaws that conjure daydreams of Mai tais on sandy white beaches. Use Parrots of the Caribbean to design your perfect vay, bae, or staycation shirt! The vibes will not disappoint.

Blue & White Tie Dye Paisley

Welcome music festival style back into the rotation with this Blue & White Tie Dye fabric. It’s a funkified cloth with casual aspirations. The bleeding blue and white dye is laid over a bandana-like pattern, giving your ensemble a relaxed vibe that’s hard to disrupt. Use Blue & White Tie Dye to make the perfect short-sleeved weekend wearer. It’ll turn a few heads for sure.