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Say Yes To The Dress Shirt: The Perfect Fitting Gift For Your Groomsmen

There is very little that a good best man and his fellow groomsmen won’t do to ensure your big day goes off without a hitch. They’re ready, willing, and able to facilitate your needs when wedding day jitters start to kick in. Whether that’s by lending a sympathetic ear, a shot glass, or some combination thereof. Reward their efforts with a gift they’ll be able to use a long time after you say, “I do”. A couple of made-to-measure men’s dress shirts made specifically for each one of your groomsmen. 

Customizing Your Groomsmen To Look Their Best

Every strong friendship has a story to tell. You might not have met your best bud in a Step-Brother style situation, but your love for one another has lasted long enough for them to help you walk down the aisle. With that love and familiarity, you know exactly what they like and what they dislike. A made-to-measure men’s dress shirt gives you the opportunity to use that knowledge in a way your friends can really appreciate.

"Add their favorite color to the inside of the collar or monogram the cuff with a childhood nickname."

If you’re feeling particularly cheeky you could decorate the entire thing with their least favorite pattern just for a few laughs.

The Measure Of A Man Summed Up In One Shirt

Once your guys agreed to help you walk down the aisle they agreed to help you bring your wedding day vision to fruition. This is probably why they’re wearing hot pink vests. The least you could do is use their measurements to order a couple of custom fit men’s dress shirts they will actually like wearing. Not only can you customize each one to say something specific about the groomsman, but you can also make sure it’s the best fitting dress shirt in their closet. Just because it’s your wedding day doesn’t mean they can’t have a life-changing experience too.

Unique Styles Make For Unique Gifts

Some may think ordering shirts online doesn’t qualify as a unique gift idea, but the key lies with the retailer you choose. Any old custom shirt won’t do. You want high-quality fabrics, attention to detail, and precise construction. At Original Stitch, we offer over 400 colors and prints for you to choose from. Couple that with the veritable cornucopia of patterns, button options, collar styles, and monogram stitches and the meaning of unique becomes apparent: no two Original Stich shirts are exactly alike.

At the end of the day, you’re just searching for the right way to tell your pals thank you. Do so with a made to order men’s dress shirt that speaks volumes and looks good doing it.