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Shoes to wear with your suit this winter


Whether you’re looking for the perfect winter dress shoe for slushy commutes or want to find options for business trips outside of the mild climate in which you currently reside, we’ve got you covered. Check out these suggestions for functional dress shoe features that wear well with suits this winter.

Insulated shoes – The case for shearling lined footwear

The appeal of shearling lined winter wear is no secret. Sheepskin wool not only regulates temperature, it also wicks away moisture making it a perfect textile for year-round garments. Many types of dress shoes come shearling lined these days. They’re fashionable, functional, and conform to your foot without smothering them. So, you get a great fit that’s comfortable and easy to break in without having to worry about sweaty feet or offensive odors. If you have a large selection of dress shoes and want something specific for when temperatures drop into freezing territory, we highly recommend you opt for shearling insulation.

Soggy socks suck - Avoid absorbent materials

Stay away from moisture absorbent materials like suede. Most winter shoes are coated with a durable water repellant (DWR) which are perfectly suitable for mild, dry, winters. However, if you’re in areas like Portland, Oregon where it rains 200+ days a year, you’re going to want something a little more substantial. Look for shoes containing Gore-Tex, a fine woven waterproof membrane, to deal with extremely wet climates. If Gore-Tex embedded footwear doesn’t provide the style you’re after then hunt down a leather, top grain, shoe with minimal seams and stitching.

Traction - Where winter weather dress boots shine

If you’re encountering ice and snow for the first time then traction should be of the utmost importance. To combat the likelihood of slipping in these conditions consider winter weather dress boots that feature studs or lugs on the outsoles. A simple rubber outsole will suffice in less extreme wintry weather.

Storm Welt Construction – Hardcore weather wear that’s built to last

Welts are the pieces of leather where the sole is attached to the upper part of the shoe. There are a couple types of welts to consider when it comes to dress shoes, but if you want your kicks to outlast whatever weather they encounter for decades, then the Storm welt is for you. Storm welt constructed shoes feature a wider area outside of the connecting seam and an upturned bit of leather attached to the top leather to help protect against moisture sitting on the ledge and creeping in. This effective method of cobbling puts in the leg work to keep your shoes in rotation for years to come.

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