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St. Patrick’s Day Dress Shirts sure to Make Others Green with Envy


March 17th is fast approaching, and if you’re like the rest of the U.S. you’re probably planning to dye something green. Whether that’s beer, a river (looking at you Chicago), or your own hair is up for debate. For those looking for a less severe way to celebrate the festivities on St. Paddy’s Day, we’ve put together some of our favorite Original Stitch dress shirts that feature green accents for your perusal. Here are 3 St. Patrick’s Day inspired Dress shirts that will make all others green with envy (and keep you from being pinched).

Forest Green Stripes

This Forest Green Stripes cloth is a funky fresh fabric that came dressed to impress and ready to party. It has a corduroy texture that runs vertical, allowing for the forest green, black, and brown, stripes of varying thickness to transport your ensemble seamlessly back to the 90s. Our Forest Green Stripes fabric has a lot of ridges, which provides a silky feel, but it’s the heat retaining corduroy weave that makes this fabric perfect for cool weather get-togethers like St. Patrick’s Day.

Black Watch Plaid

This Black Watch Plaid fabric is a wardrobe staple. It can be made into a formal dress shirt with long sleeves and a point collar, or it can be customized with short-sleeves and a breast pocket for more casual outings. Either way, you’ll feel this shirt's comfort almost immediately. That’s because Black Watch Plaid’s close-knit broadcloth weave produces a mid-weight cloth that breathes well making it a great warm-weather choice.


Turquoise & Caicos

Say hello to vacation vibes with this Turquoise & Caicos Oxford fabric. It is to sand and sun what style is to fashion. It just fits. The tight-knit weave is constructed using lightweight threading, allowing you to feel the breeze and keep your cool even on the hottest days. So, go ahead, get casual. Turquoise & Caicos Oxford has got your back.

At Original Stitch we offer a fully customizable collection of premium quality dress shirt, suit blazer, and pant fabrics. Use them to create a wardrobe that is completely unique to YOU. Our high-quality yarns are hand-selected from – and tailored in – Japan to be extra resistant to wear and tear while maintaining a softer feel than their off-the-rack counterparts.